Zippy for mayor!

The comments section in the online Daily Mail is often worth a chuckle.

Today has been no exception with the news that the UK is about to get its first BNP mayor.

The worst rated comment on the story reads as follows:

What a disgrace. People should not be allowed to vote for fascist parties. The UK is a democracy not a Nazi state.

– Rainbow, Hackney, 12/4/2011 13:30

I don’t think Rainbow quite gets this democracy stuff…

2 Responses

  1. I wonder how people will react when the new democracies of Egypt, Lybia, Iran, Syria, etal. all turn around and by popular vote put into office extremist Mullahs to enforce Shariah religious law as the only legal code acceptable, including the demand that anyone not Muslim be killed.

  2. Well, that’s assuming that those countries will actually get a democracy and one that isn’t coloured by Western interests.

    I don’t deny it’s a danger that they could go Muslim but what can we do about it? Nothing, unless we pile in and that’s hardly an option.

    I’m not too sure that non-Muslims would actually be in danger of their lives – certainly not to the extent of religious genocide.

    Has that actually happened anywhere?

    Except from Bosnia…which is in Europe.

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