I used to like Stephen Fry…

…but now I think he’s a cunt.

A cunt

After many years of enjoying him on TV, I first started getting irritated by him when I started on Twitter.

I followed him.

His tweets seemed self-obsessed, overly self-indulgent and not half as witty as he thought they were.

So, I unfollowed him.

Now he’s made a pronouncement on the MPs’ expenses row saying that:

It’s not that important, it really isn’t.

Easy for him to say when his income and lifestyle must easily be on a par with the most prosperous of the fiddling cunts who call themselves our representatives.

He also goes on to slag off journalists for no good reason and then dismisses the expenses row as a ‘made up frenzy’.

Now, this blog entry is not intended to deny Fry of any recognition of the hard work he’s invested in his career but to show how utterly out of touch with the rest of the electorate he must be.

So, sorry, Stephen, but the whole matter of MPs’ expenses and the manner in which the system has been abused is important and may represent a watershed in British politics which touches the lives of most of the people to whom you owe your fame and fortune.

In brief – fuck off, Fry, you smug cunt.

16 Responses

  1. He’s kind of right, to a point. Compared with wars (and, although I don’t think he mentioned it) civil liberties, the whole expenses thing is a fairly minor hiccup. But what he seems to forget is that everything in life can be viewed (and therefore judged) fractal-like at different levels. If we’re trying to sort out the Iraq war then, yes, the dodgy expenses claims are too minor to worry about. But if we’re talking about a government that scrapped the 10% tax bracket and imposes a ridiculous amount of duty on beer, then their inability to control their own profligacy suddenly becomes very relevant!

  2. Even compared to wars, disease, civil liberties, etc, I don’t agree that this is a minor hiccup.
    Without a government in which we can have faith then we’re going to be handicapped in whatever we do. I doubt that our politicians have ever been held in such contempt by the public before.
    The thing is that this affair is cross-party and people aren’t going to be able to retreat into party tribalism – which is what happened when Thatcher was in power, for example.
    This transcends party lines and firmly places us in a ‘Them and Us’ scenario which is a very rare thing in British society.
    Where’s Wat Tyler when we need him?
    I see Cameron has just pretended to act tough with his herd of pigs – I despair, I really do.
    It’s now clear that he’s just another limpdicked politician.

  3. No – Fry is a cunt. You are 100% right. Of course wars are more important, but then so are people losing their jobs, homes and livelihood due to government mismanagement and a pathetic excuse for an opposition. The fact is that these “politicians” are career criminals who act in collusion to support their opulant lifestyle, all the while telling us to “tighten our belts” during this period of austerity, while they organise a giant moneyfight in Michael Martins gold-plated boudoir.

    Fry also says to the camera: “Look we all do it. You’ve done it.” No, Mr Fry, I’ve never fiddled my expenses and I’ve never been jailed for credit card fraud either. Of course, Fry blames his bi-polar condition for his crimes, so I guess he’ll blame that for this cuntish outburst.

    This is class war. Us versus them. And we pick up the tab…

  4. Yes, it is class war.
    But it’s interesting how the Tories in particular have gone all tribal on our asses. Cameron talks semi-tough and everyone remotely Tory says, ‘Firm leadership’ when it’s nothing of the sort. It’s just that compared to Brown’s inaction anything looks firm.
    My theory is that it’s a silent pact between the Tory voters and Cameron.
    They want him in at all costs – even if it means a continuation of political corruption during the next parliament. So, a little token tough talk from Dave and all the Tories can say that justice has been done, welcome to a new Tory era.
    Maybe Tebbit’s right after all – don’t vote Tory/Lab/LibDem and thus tell them all how we feel about them.
    The problem is that none of the BNP, UKIP and Greens appeal either.

  5. Thank you. I was surfing and came across this.

    Brilliant blog. The truth in this makes me shudder.

    Excellent usage of the words. Cunt. And. Smug

  6. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Many thanks for commenting.

  7. Yes, “smug cunt” seems a pretty fair description of this over-rated bore.

  8. And no, we haven’t all done it, but then again we’re not all convicted criminals like Fry.

  9. Stephen Fry is a fucking cock sucking ass fucking CUNT

  10. I don’t give a flying fuck if he takes it up the arse.

    I just can’t stand all the ‘luvvy’ stuff, his disproportionate appearances on all manner of TV shows and his smugness.

  11. Agree with your post 100 per cent.

    A minor criticism – do you really need to put Fry’s fat smug gob on your post ? We all know what he looks like ( unfortunately ) – and he definitely is a self important, pompous, vastly over rated and over exposed cunt.

  12. stephen fry is a childish prick who throws his toys out the pram if anyone dares give him the slightest criticism!

  13. cunt cunt cunt – unmitigated CUNT

  14. Your so right he is a right self important cock. I just saw him shuffle a pack a cards and come out with some ridiculous statement as ‘Fact’ He thinks he is above everyone else. And then when he run away when he was supposed to be in a play due to stress, well what a fucking pussy tosser. Fry you are a pussy cock cunt faced arsehole!!

  15. “I just can’t stand all the ‘luvvy’ stuff, his disproportionate appearances on all manner of TV shows and his smugness.”

    Oh my god! THAT’s exactly IT! That’s what bothers the fuck out of me! And I don’t even live in the UK! I would explode if I were there as this gigantic fat Jew is out and about UK-wide!

  16. Please come to the UK and explode.
    I’ve never seen anyone anti-Semitic explode before.
    Conversely, you could just fuck off.

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