About me


Just about middle-aged still and now enjoying early retirement in France in the south west corner of the Mayenne.

For a living I used to teach guitar and perform.

I do not suffer fools gladly but I love cats, which are inherently foolish and therefore have an excuse for it.

As Maine Coon cats are the biggest clowns of the feline world we have two.


That’s tricky.

Left of centre but prepared to look at any ideas that might make this a fairer world in which to live.


My Political Views
I am a centrist social libertarian
Left: 0.2, Libertarian: 4.14

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -5.89

My Culture War Stance
Score: -6.06

I guess I must be reading too many Libertarian blogs…


Fairy stories for the weak-minded.


I smoke a lot, drink in moderation, don’t take recreational drugs, don’t gamble, I swear a lot* and I’m in a monogamous and very long term relationship**.

*(a fuck of a lot)

**OK, OK…I’ve been married to the same fantastic woman for nearly 40 years…I think that qualifies as ‘very long term’…

The environment?

I try not to waste anything – that means I achieve the same ends as the Green Movement but without the dogmatic rush to assume that Man has a drastic effect on the climate.


Cats, music, guitar, cooking, France, travel, the internet, reading, films and current affairs.

Pet hates?

Inconsiderate people, reality TV shows, Elves – especially Second Life ones – Creationists, personalised number plates, tomato ketchup, TV soaps, baseball caps, Paris Hilton, bullies, Fundamentalists, bananas,greedy troughing MPs, but…

…especially cowardly fat fucks like English Nationalist who post anonymously – which does them no good when I know who they are and where they work.

Personal heroes?

Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Cook, Stephen King, Richard III, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Dennis Lehane, Bruce Willis, Bob Dylan, Danny Gatton, Jason and the Scorchers, Dan Baird, David Grissom, Bob Wills, Lewis Black, George Carlin, Don Imus, Alex Hurricane Higgins, Hoven Droven, Joe Ely.

16 Responses

  1. Love your site mate, and a big supporter of yours. Great writing, great cats.

    Keep up the good work

    yours fellow blogger


  2. don’t you have any female heroes?

  3. came here via a freinds link to a thing about the donny mayor, then through another site to here. like it. going to come back when i am more alert to read through some stuff. cheers.

  4. p.s. my blog is at http://ttpv.wordpress.com
    clicking on my name will only take you to my radio station. thanks.

  5. You look like a Cunt and write like a Cunt

  6. Apart from the jazz we seem to have a lot in common ~ two aging farts with little tolerance for fools, but I gave up the smoking.

  7. You are an utter twat; you claim you know everything when in fact you know nothing at all. A sad middle aged saggy arse wannabee

    Your blog is the biggest pile of shite I’ve seen in a long time and your opinions are worth zilch.

    Just thought you ought to know how sad you are

  8. Mother Superior’s comment above approved.
    Just so people can share the unique phenomenon that he/she/it is – a talking cunt.

  9. Your (naïve?) comment rather provoked a flame war on D&B. You should be more careful – unless it was deliberate!

  10. “Middle”-aged? The middle, as always, could be ignored.

  11. I thought everyone was quite polite – perhaps we have different experiences of flame wars.
    Naive? I hope not.

    My target was the political ineptitude of Steve Uncles. He could have been speaking about Tamils, Kashmiris or Kurds. It would have been equally as meaningless.

  12. I think it might be a case of “all back to yours” pretty soon now Steve 🙂

  13. Fine by me, Mr Rob!

  14. Whatever happened to Steve Shark – nothing for over 2 years. Very sudden departure. I do hope that everything is OK.

  15. Thanks for your concern, Ian.
    Nothing at all wrong here. I just stopped. Looking back I think it was for a couple of reasons – the first that I just have far less to rant about, and the second that my personal life is quite busy, with two bands on the go and a healthy social life.
    I haven’t given up the idea of blogging, just that I never seem to get round to it!

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