Zippy for mayor!

The comments section in the online Daily Mail is often worth a chuckle.

Today has been no exception with the news that the UK is about to get its first BNP mayor.

The worst rated comment on the story reads as follows:

What a disgrace. People should not be allowed to vote for fascist parties. The UK is a democracy not a Nazi state.

– Rainbow, Hackney, 12/4/2011 13:30

I don’t think Rainbow quite gets this democracy stuff…

Question Time with Griffin – a wasted opportunity


After all the hype, last night’s Question Time proved to be rather underwhelming.

The panel of Jack Straw (Labour Justice Secretary), Baroness Warsi (Tory shadow communities minister), Chris Huhne (Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman), Bonnie Greer (playwright and critic) and Nick Griffin (BNP leader and MEP) immediately split into the factions of Griffin versus the rest and went rapidly downhill from then on.

It soon resembled nothing more than ‘An Audience with Nick Griffin’ and concentrated almost exclusively on the BNP policies regarding race and immigration.

Straw seemed to doze off at times and he reminded me of the incontinent old gimmer who sits in the corner at parties and wakes up every so often to moan about the music being too loud before shitting himself and nodding off again.

Huhne was blandness personified – nothing he said really registered with me.

Baroness Warsi performed reasonably well and gave Griffin a few tough moments but never really got going and when she did, Dimbleby reined her in and moved on to the next question rather abruptly.

Bonnie Greer came out with some amusing stuff but seemed more concerned with making herself look clever than with making Griffin look a fool. Even then her historical banter with Griffin showed that neither of them had much grasp of history.

In short, the panel lacked intellect and gravitas.

The debate never widened and we never got a chance to hear how Griffin’s party would sort out the economy, improve policing and the justice system or tackle Afghanistan.

So, how would I have handled this edition of QT?

The panel would have been stronger: Redwood or Hague for the Tories, Cruddas or Field for Labour, Ming Campbell for the LibDems and Shami Chakrabarti as the non-politico (although that’s open to debate!)

The questions would have been far more wide-ranging so that the emotionally-charged  matters of race and immigration were far less dominant and the audience should have been less partisan.

That way, there would have been more of a level playing field but Griffin would have had to prove himself as an ‘all rounder’, which so far he seems not to be.

As it was, Griffin emerged as a one issue politician who was fortunate to have only been asked questions on his ‘specialist subject’. I doubt whether his performance boosted his popularity to any significant extent and he had one or two sticky moments when he looked like a blustering idiot, but he could have emerged from the programme far worse than he did.

In short, a wasted opportunity and the only winners were really the BBC, who managed to attract 8.2 million viewers.

Nick Griffin on the Jeremy Kyle Show!


Well, it’s a big fucking day here on Planet Hype.

People all over the world are peeling back the shrinkwrap from their eagerly-awaited copies of Windows 7 and those who queued up last night to get their hands on their copy at mdnight are probably jacking off to porn as we speak and marveling at how fast the pages are loading or something equally mindless.

Microsoft are encouraging people to have ‘Windows 7 Launch Parties‘ FFS.

The only logical outcome of celebrating such an underwhelming event must eventually be ‘Congratulations on a successful morning dump’ telegrams from the Queen. (I’d get one every fucking day!)

It’s another Microsoft operating system – not some sort of Second Coming – and merely makes Vista less of a fucking pain in the arse than it was.

So, just get the fuck over it.

However, if Twitter is anything to go by, the Windows 7 launch pales into insignificance compared to BNP leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on tonight’s ‘Question Time’ on BBC1.

As I write this, UAF supporters massing outside BBC Television Centre have breached security, been ejected and now Griffin is in the building ready for an early recording of the program.

My own view is that Griffin should be allowed to speak so that he isn’t denied his rights and, hopefully, so that he will be revealed on national TV for the obnoxious turd smoker that he is. The UAF – those self-appointed guardians of free speech for everyone but fascists – would seek to deny the British public that possibility. Go figure…

What interests me more, however, is how much of the hype that’s been built up over Griffin’s TV appearance is all about ‘trainwreck television‘.

Whatever happens tonight – Griffin makes a total arse of himself, someone else makes a total arse out of him, the audience get stroppy, fistfights break out between covert BNP and UAF members, someone has a ‘grassy knoll’ moment, etc, etc – I’m sure that it isn’t going to make boring viewing, but, then again, neither would a nun being torn apart by rabid stoats.

And isn’t that what it’s developing into?

Another chance for the great British Public to see something shitty happen to someone else from the comfort of their living room sofa?

People are planning – again, if Twitter is to be believed – Question Time parties and there’s even a Nick Griffin drinking game that I’m sure is going to be de rigeur in certain circles tonight.

I’m not against fun – and, let’s face it, Nu Labour have taken a lot of that particular commodity out of our lives because it’s very, very bad for us – but are we really so hard up for entertainment that what could be a worthwhile debate is transformed into the Jeremy Kyle Show for the tweeting iPhone owner?

Open reply to a Mayor of Doncaster supporter

To all the Mayors detactors,
Peter Davies was elected by the people of Doncaster,

He was elected by about 17.5% of the electorate. Hardly a healthy mandate…

(many who had not heard of him before )

See, I’d vote for someone I knew was already involved in public life and whom I’d heard of.

However, in the first place, I’d make sure I used my vote – voter apathy played a large part in Davies’ success.

I’m also pretty sure that many of those who voted for Davies hadn’t got the faintest idea what the EDP is or what their policies are which leads very nicely to:

because, like myself, they believe in his policies.

That’s highly debatable.

Looking at the policies, it’s glaringly obvious that not only did Davies not find out if those policies were viable, but the electorate didn’t either.

Maybe they voted for him to give Doncaster Council a kicking after dissatisfaction with the past mayor. Maybe they wanted to give the major parties a shock.

The labour candidate never looked like winning even with the hundreds of BNP votes in labours boxes.

Interesting comment and one which bears out the growing theory that far from being right wing, parties such as the EDP, the BNP and others of their ilk are appealing to the disillusioned left wing voter – the people who have voted Labour consistently but see the party lurching so far towards the right that they no longer see it as left wing.

The policies adopted by the BNP – centralised command control, trade tariffs and state owned businesses are the province of the ‘old’ and hard left.

Add to the mix the fact that the recession has hit places like Doncaster very hard and those who preach ‘England for the English’ aren’t that far removed from Brown’s ‘British jobs for British workers’.

Sadly lacking in the labour party, both nationaly and locally, are those essential ingrediants of honesty, morality,decency and integraty.

I’d say that telling the electorate that you promise to do things you have no idea are legally possible demonstrates a conspicuous lack of all four of those qualities.

Anyone can live in the dregs of sociaty, far harder to live higher up the social scale.

Now you’ve totally lost me.

I’m guessing that you’re somehow equating the qualities you list above with the stance of the EDP. Have you not looked to find out if some of its leadership truly possesses those qualities? After all, I’ve gone to great lengths to make their actual words freely accessible.

As a sceptic, I’d say that those qualities are hard to find amongst politicians generally, but given that the major parties are looking at parliamentary and constitutional change then it may be a little easier to find an ‘honest’ politician in future.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to examine the people who want my vote very closely indeed and avoid those who promise what I want unless I’m pretty sure that they can deliver on it.

It’s not foolproof, but it sometimes helps me filter out fools like Davies.

The BNP – I fucking told you so, Boris you cunt!

The BNP’s part-time publicist yes, that’s as dynamic as the cunt gets…

So, Nick Griffin has pulled out of the Buck House garden party after the recent fuss over his possible attendance.

I said here that the best course of action was to just shut the fuck up about it and let him attend as a guest of an invited BNP GLA member and then his despicable party would be able to make almost zero political capital out of it – if any.

But no.

Boris Johnson, notably, and other people with a lack of common sense which allowed their frothing moral outrage to cloud their judgement wanted Griffin banning.

Here’s what Griffin said about his decision not to attend:

We believe it is still outrageous that a democratically elected member of the London Assembly can’t invite who he likes as a guest to the party at the Palace.

Nevertheless, because we have no wish to embarrass the Queen and allow the liberal left to do more damage to our institutions, I’ve withdrawn from the idea of going myself.

So, he emerges sounding quite reasonable and also concerned for our dear Queen.

Not that he is either of those things.

More importantly, he’s made political capital out of a situation in which he’d have been lucky to make any at all.

So, fuck you very much, Boris and the rest of the brainless moral frothers.

You’ve done it again – made a shitty situation even worse.

Why the BNP should go to the party

Griffin – he likes a pie…

Even though the BNP is an odious organisation, its leadership is composed largely of convicted criminals and its supporters are – and I’m being kind here – morons, its GLA member, Richard Barnbrook, should be allowed to take the BNP’s leader, Nick Griffin, to the Buck House garden party as his chosen guest.

To oppose this is short-sighted and counter-productive, leaving aside all considerations of free speech.

As I understand it, the invitation to Barnbrook was as a result of his elected membership of the London Assembly, and it should have been no real surprise to anyone that he sought to make what largely imagined political capital he could out of it by inviting Griffin as his guest.

It seems now, however, that Barnbrook will have to invite ‘a more acceptable guest’.

However, consider for a moment what might happen if Griffin did go to Brenda’s bash.

He’d attend, the BNP would then report that their leader went to tea with the Queen and…er, that’s it.

It’s not as if the Queen issues the invitations herself and specifically asked for a couple of BNP chaps to pop along for tea and a cucumber sandwich.

It’s not a photo opportunity where Griffin could be snapped clutching a can of Stella with his arm around Liz’s shoulder looking all matey.

There’s no way, I’m sure, that Griffin and Barnbrook could exercise any control over events there and do something drastic like make a speech calling for racial purity.

In short, if the pair did anything that caused any concern, disturbance or the teensiest-weensiest embarrassment then they’d be pounced on by security quicker than Prezza leaping on a cream cake and ejected pretty fucking smartish.

The alternative – and it looks very much as if it’s the reality of the situation now – is to exclude Griffin and thus allow the BNP to rant, piss and moan about discrimination, bias, exclusion and prejudice…the very things we more enlightened people (rightly) accuse them of.

It’s playing into their hands and it’s very similar to what happened when Jacqui Smith banned Michael Savage from entering the UK. If she’d have shut the fuck up about him then the vast majority of the UK population would have got on with life perfectly well whilst remaining ignorant of his very existence.

It was a prime example of how to make a situation that was never really bad to start with as shitty as possible and achieve the opposite to what you intended.

Similarly with this BNP invitation fiasco.

Let the two twats attend, then let the BNP report that their glorious leader went to a Buckingham Palace tea party, and then forget about it.

There was never any implied support for the BNP from anyone drawing up a guest list or issuing invitations and it would be very hard for even the BNP to twist events to infer that there was.

Instead, what we have is a lot of frothing from people too fucking stupid to see any further than their own sense of outrage like good old Boris Johnson who is anxious to avoid:

potential embarrassment to Her Majesty

All such statements do is draw attention to the BNP and provide it with ammunition to further its aims.

Another own goal, I’m afraid.

What a terrible week!

Ouch – me Chalfonts!

But not for me…s’been OK, ta.

I don’t think that Gordon Brown can say the same though:

  • ‘Terror swoops’ that have probably netted nothing but a few Pakistanis with dodgy visas.
  • Bob Quick’s resignation
  • Harriet Harman’s success in raising the profile of the BNP
  • The gradual emergence of evidence that points to fatal flaws in the way we investigate complaints against the Police
  • Smear campaigns being hatched inside the very walls of No 10
  • More ineffectual and hubris-riddled replies from the Two Homes Secretary to critics of her expense claims
  • Overpayments to the tune of hundreds of millions of GBP to the Irish government for healthcare
  • A revolt by the NUT over SATs
  • Painful haemorrhoids*

The above list is just a selection of some of the more problematic incidents which have all conspired to fuck up the week for Gordon.

Fuck knows who’s going to be leading us after the next General Election – I don’t trust more than a handful of the shonky shitweasels we have as politicians – but I don’t think it’s going to be Gordon…

*I made that one up.

What Harriet did next

Once again, Harriet Harman has chosen to open her voice hole without thinking first.

On this occasion, it’s about the threat of the BNP in the forthcoming European elections.

Most people are not aware the BNP is standing. It is below the radar. There is very low public awareness of these elections.

Well, it’s all nicely above the radar now, Harriet…

Over and under

Two stories caught my eye today on the BBC News site.

One seems to me to be about overreaction and the other about underreaction.

As much as I abhor the BNP and its beliefs and methods, I really don’t think that violence is the best method to use against them. The sick fucks are going to portray themselves as the injured party – which I suppose they are in this case – and make political capital out of the fact that they were attacked at a legitimate BNP campaign event.

As soon as you resort to violence you’ve lost whatever argument you had in the first place

Education is the only viable response to the threat they pose – given that only a moron would join the BNP in the first place.

As for the two lowlifes who have been intimidating vulnerable people and driving them out of their homes, why the fuck were they just given ASBOs?

Furthermore, the ASBOs pertain only to Exeter.

Given the nature of their offences – they drive people out of their homes – what’s to stop them doing this in Bristol, Southampton, Dundee…in fact, any-fucking-where?

In this case, I would have thought a jail term would have been the best response.

Sgt Andy Nordqvist, from Exeter’s neighbourhood policing team, said it was a “fantastic result for vulnerable members of the community in Exeter”.

Andy’s obviously very easily pleased.

One last thought…

Why is it that when you see the photos of people who have committed really nasty crimes they often seem to look like you’d expect such criminals to look?

That ‘cuckoo’ pair just look plain wrong.

So did Rhys Jones’ killer.

A genuine question, by the way…