Update at last!

Well, after a struggle, I’m finally on the internet via an Orange 3G stick which took some getting.

A brief update…the move went well. Everything was taken away in a highly efficient manner by the excellent Hunts of Redditch – whom I can recommend without reservation – and we had an uneventful crossing.

We’ve been here just over three weeks and now have bank cards from Credit Agricole, we’ve registered with CPAM – the French health service – and viewed about 8 houses.

I can’t say we’re much clearer in our own heads about what we want to buy. We’ve seen old houses, new houses, ones ready to move into and ones that need some money spending on them…It’d be great if we could find somewhere fairly soon so we can move in about July or August. There’s certainly no shortage of properties!

Things generally got off to a slow start with Mrs Shark having a major Menieres attack whilst we were browsing Chateau Gontier’s Friday market – a week after we arrived here – but she’s just about over it now thank fuck. It’s a nasty condition with eventual deafness and symptoms of extreme vertigo and the consequent vomiting but it’s just got to be lived with and given time to recede. Hopefully, that’s it for a few months. Fingers crossed!

We were talking about the move so far last night and we really don’t regret it. We have peace and quiet here and a chance at a way of life we’ve both wanted for years.

I’ll try and keep this updated now, but this 3G stick is a bit slow and everything has to be written offline unless I sell a kidney to pay for top ups on it. It’s like being on dial up all over again!

C’est la vie!

There will now be a short intermission…

…whilst we complete the move to France.

The boxes are all packed and now the house resembles a maze whilst Mrs Shark and I scurry about like two demented rats.

The removal firm rang today and they will be here at 8am this coming Friday and Mrs Shark and myself will be away to Portsmouth to catch the ferry two hours later, leaving my brother and sister-in-law and son to keep the removal men topped up with tea and biccies and then tidy up  before our buyers move in. The cats will be picked up by the lovely Melanie tomorrow evening and brought to us on Saturday and our worldly goods will follow a week on Friday.

As soon as I get a French 3G dongle for the new laptop I’ll be back blogging and the top 20 of my favourite albums will be revealed.

And so, dear reader, a bientot!