A lack of testicular fortitude

Once again, our government shies away from actually taking effective steps to remedy a situation and, instead, wants to put in place unworkable alternatives.

I refer to the recent Department for Transport consultation paper aimed at cutting down accidents caused by dangerous driving.

Amongst its many half-baked and ineffective suggestions is the idea (according to the Daily Telegraph) that instead of reducing the drink drive alcohol limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg – a move that would bring us into line with most of Europe – we put in place a system whereby friends, neighbours and colleagues can inform on people who constantly drive over the limit.

Hmm…sounds a bit Stalinist, but – more to the point – it sounds totally bloody ineffective.

I also chuckled at the suggestion that there was no legal limit set for the amount of illegal drugs such as cannabis, heroin or cocaine in the bloodstream when it came to driving ‘under the influence’. Now there’s a contradiction for you!

It all smacks of a lack of will and a reluctance to introduce effective measures to deal with a problem and it seems to be a recurrent theme over the last 10 years.

New balls please!

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