A slightly better class of bog paper

I don’t read newspapers very much. I get most of my news from the BBC site and also the online versions of the papers themselves.

To be honest, I’ve never yet found the right newspaper for me and all they seem to do these days is take political sides and try and outdo each other in the circulation wars and I’m not going to waste good money on that.

However, if pressed, I’d have to say that two papers in particular should be avoided at all costs: the Daily Mail and the Sun.

The Daily Mail is an execrable rag – it bleats on about immigrants and house prices and, just recently, reinvented itself as a guardian of public morality by whipping up complaints against Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross over what some have come to call the ‘Sachsgate’ affair. The Mail did a lot to ensure that 50 000+ complaints winged their wretched way towards Broadcasting House – mostly from people who hadn’t heard the offending word and all of whom had apparently never even heard the word ‘fucked’ before.

The Sun is a load of garbage too – it’s hardly a newspaper in the true sense of the word – and is quite capable of its own outpourings of moral outrage such as its branding of the Brass Eye Paedophilia Special as ‘the sickest TV ever’; missing the point entirely and making itself look hypocritical when it looked forward to a 15 year old becoming 16 so she could get her lady chests out for Page 3 in the very same issue in which it condemned Brass Eye.

You really couldn’t make this shit up…

However, the Sun has been up to a bit of stirring of its own lately and can knock the Mail’s poxy 50 000+ concerned readers into a cocked hat and, what’s more, over something a tad less trivial.

500 000+ Sun readers so far have signed a petition demanding the sacking of most of the people who were directly involved in the handling of the Baby P case. Now that seems a bit shortsighted to me – it’s the system which needs radical adjustments not the staffing necessarily – but I can see why it’s taken that tack.

Nothing seems to have been done to demonstrate to the public that there is accountability at Haringey Council and the people who actually abused and murdered Baby P are so inadequate and pathetic that short of demanding a lynching – which some would like to happen – there seems no point going after them. They’re in the legal system now and beyond the reach of the general public.

However, the social workers and others are still about and seem to be fair game. Wrong, but sort of understandable.

However, I digress…

At least the Sun has taken on some cause that has merits – misguided though it is – and shown up the Mail for the low-rent arsewipe that it really is. I never thought I’d say anything positive about the Sun, but there you go…

Just don’t buy it.

(The above was inspired partly by this.)


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