To ‘English Nationalist’

I have to admit that I’m puzzled by the latest comment from ‘English Nationalist’ which you can find here – 9th comment down.

It’s not the content of it that puzzles me – indeed, it’s refreshing to find a comment from this person that’s so civil – but its source.

Here’s the posting details as revealed in my email inbox:

New comment on your post #2371 “The English Democrats, Will Carling, Billy Bragg and Fakebook celebrity ‘endorsements'”
Author : English Nationalist (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :

And here’s a screen capture of that:


The same address as the other comments from this author and the IP checks out again.

This message like most of the others appears to have been sent from an English Democrats Party email address, which leads me to conclude that the author is an EDP member.

So, here’s what puzzles me.

Why would a member of a political party which wants to be taken seriously write offensive comments on my blog which are full of personal attacks?

If I wrote something on this blog which attacked Brown, Cameron and Clegg – even Griffin of the BNP – would someone from any of their parties leave comments using their party email accounts?

Possibly – but it’s highly unlikely.

Ian Dale’s the nearest I’ve come to a proper politician leaving a comment here.

Would they leave offensive comments which concerned my sex life?


Furthermore, would they leave comments anonymously?

‘English Nationalist’ is hardly a name which identifies an individual, is it?

In seeking to solve this puzzle, I appear to be faced with a couple of possible answers.

1) English Nationalist is a fake. He’s somehow managed to hack into an EDP member’s email account and is trying to discredit the party. It all looks pretty genuine though – not like some of the spam attempts I’ve seen where the email address can be faked but the IP address reveals the fakery. I even put the IP address through a route tracer program and it revealed no strange route from its apparent source to my inbox.

2) English Nationalist is a genuine EDP member who seems to think that the anonymous posting of insulting comments is a legitimate political tactic. Why he should be so set on making juvenile comments about me I don’t know. OK, he obviously disagrees with my point of view and doesn’t like my attitude, but the last time I checked, representatives of political parties put their views across with reasoned arguments, not abusive comments.

I’m 100% positive that I know the name of ‘English Nationalist’ and I find it hard to believe that someone who eventually wants to hold national political office actually believes that such tactics are reasonable, acceptable, moral or ethical.

Such behaviour would be grounds for immediate dismissal in any other party.

This person really doesn’t get what I’m about.

I have no political axe to grind – my beef with Peter Davies isn’t his politics but the way in which he conducted his mayoral campaign.

Similarly, if the person in question here had not decided to adopt an extremely hostile attitude and then seek to make this matter personal then I probably would still be unaware of the existence of his party – which I was until a few weeks ago when a fellow blogger uncovered some of their dubious tactics – and of Peter Davies also, since I heard of Davies after I heard of some of the questionable methods of the EDP.

In fact, I blog about the EDP and Davies because of you, English Nationalist.

If you’d been far more discrete and adopted the usual methods of aspiring politicians, I wouldn’t be writing this and you might have got more votes in the EU elections.

I’m at a loss to guess why English Nationalist thinks that he’s going to win people over to his way of thinking when he deliberately adopts methods which the vast majority of people would find undemocratic and more suited to a banana republic – which we aren’t quite, yet.

If this person is who I firmly believe it is, then they have accused me of being ‘aggressive’.

All I can say is that if the negative views of a few bloggers really worry you that much then how are you going to cope with the cut and thrust of experienced politicians if you get into the Commons, or your constituents when they come to you with problems?

Are you going to send everyone who’s aggressive towards you ‘anonymous’ emails making smutty comments about their sex lives or poking fun at their names?

And would it show how politically astute you were if you sent them using your own party’s email address?

Such methods doom you to obscurity.

If the person whom I believe English Nationalist to be is reading this and goes with my first option above – then you seriously need to pay a good IT guy to come in and find out how your party’s email accounts are being hacked.

If, as I suspect, you are the latter – an anonymous EDP poster with some rather bizarre notions of how to win support for your party – then perhaps you’d like to start commenting under your real name if you want to win any sort of political respect.

Either way, whether you realise it or not, this may be some of the most helpful advice you’ve ever received during your political career.

6 Responses

  1. The guy’s a complete cunt.

  2. Eng Nat’s comments are disgusting and it is amazing that a) he and his party have not come under wider more public criticism and comment for these sorts of goings on.


    b) the EDP leadership refuse to come out and distance themselves from this conduct.

    That the EDP leadership refuse to condemn or distance themselves from this behaviour is nothing short of a disgrace.

    It shows that they condone or are uninterested in this behaviour from one of their fold.

    It also shows that they don’t take it seriously.

    All of this leads right minded people to take the only view possible out of all this. That this party is a farce.

    It surely speaks volumes of this ‘party’ that such conduct goes by unhindered.

    It is also spectacularly ironic, because people who are proud to be English and to be people imbued with a sense of Englishness would never behave like English Nationalist. Because his behaviour is un-English. At least in the conventional, positive understanding of English values.

    Just goes to show, does it not? That when you brush the bullshit aside, all it’s about is ego, money, power and personal agendas. Fucking disgusting.

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  4. I just had a visit from Steve Uncles using IP address

  5. I hope you disinfected your computer!

    Joking aside, could he and ‘English Nationalist’ possibly be one and the same?

    And yes, the question was meant to be facile.

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