The English Democrats, Will Carling, Billy Bragg and Fakebook celebrity ‘endorsements’


Over on the anti-Davies Facebook group there have been some very exciting developments.

Yesterday we got visited by a couple of EDP stooges who seemed to be on a sort of ‘shift’ system.

One appeared and started giving it all the ‘loony lefty’ stuff – with appalling spelling and punctuation, but eventually left when I insulted him by suggesting that he wasn’t ‘the sharpest chisel in the tool box’.

Then another one appeared almost straight away. More literate this time, but still obsessed with thinking that anyone who opposed the EDP was a socialist. He stayed but either couldn’t or wouldn’t back up some creative statistics he was parroting.

Just another evening on Facebook you might think.

But then it got very interesting indeed.

I’d seen the EDP celebrity endorsements before, but shelved closer examination because I was a tad busy with Davies on here, but Joanne* on the group had obviously thought this was worth pursuing so she contacted one of them – Rugby star Will Carling.

She told him that his name was being used in connection with the EDP.

He actually replied, saying:

“I do not endorse any bloody political party! can u send me a link and I will tell the bastards to take me off their page”

The second EDP stooge who was present at the time commented:

Btw, you are right about those bloody stupid celebrity endorsements, who ever thought of that is in need of a kick up the arse.

So, let’s get this straight…

The EDP are using dodgy celebrity endorsements on Facebook.

It isn’t only Will Carling.

It looks as if other celebrities are unwittingly ‘supporting’ the EDP.

So far, we’ve found

  • Will Carling
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Cheryl Baker
  • Hugh Grant
  • Sir Bobby Charlton

and many more.

This page is particularly interesting.

Look through the list there and you’ll notice many famous faces, all with English Democrats after their name.

If I wrote my name and then appended ‘English Democrats’ to it, then most people would assume that I was a member or at least a supporter.

Fair enough, let’s give the EDP the benefit of the doubt and say that they are endorsed by dozens of celebrities.

But if you look closely, amongst those celebrities you’ll find Billy Bragg.


To think that our Billy supports the EDP isn’t so much a test of one’s credulity as a giant leap of faith challenging all the known scientific laws in the universe.

Billy ‘Red Wedge’ Bragg?

Here’s what Billy ‘says’ on his own EDP Facebook page:

I am English & Proud – Are YOU ?

Strangely – or not by now – it’s exactly what other EDP ‘celebrity endorsers’ also say – including people as diverse as John Cleese, Mick Jagger and Jeremy Paxman.

Now, either the EDP has celebrities queuing up to endorse them, or there’s something a bit suspicious going on here and I don’t think you have to be Einstein to realise what it is.

It seems that you can set up a sort of  ‘fan’ page, include celebrities and then add whatever you want – even giving them quotes that say anything you want.

Members of the EDP even ‘talk’ to the celebrities on their own celebrity page.

Here’s what a couple of EDP members say to Jeremy Paxman:

Now you would give the till dippers something to Worry about.Good on you.

Aha, the bulldog of political journalism; go bite ’em Mr P and get the words “English Democrats” onto Newsnight sometime soon!

I contacted Jeremy Clarkson and Sir Bobby Charlton last night and I’m going to carry on going through that EDP Facebook list.

Stay tuned – things could start to get even more interesting.

*Virtual bottle of champagne to Joanne’s virtual table, please waiter!

17 Responses

  1. I LOLed, as it were, at “our Billy”. Again, fantastic work Steve. Do keep it up.

  2. Dave – the burning question is ‘who to contact next?’
    That list has a lot of famous names on it.
    Somebody at the EDP obviously has a sense of humour. You might as well have said Leon bloody Trotsky was an EDP monkey as Billy…

  3. Jesus was an EDP supporter, dontcha know.

  4. All joking aside, there are some ‘christian’ EDP members on their forum, who invoke God and England in the same breath all the time.
    That makes them doubly damned in my book…

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  6. Excellent Steve – we were waiting for someone to do this.

    Are these celebrities who made their fortune by being English & Proud, going to deny a connection.

    Let’s see what happens.

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  8. steveshark, on June 15th, 2009 at 2:28 pm Said:

    “All joking aside, there are some ‘christian’ EDP members on their forum, who invoke God and England in the same breath all the time.
    That makes them doubly damned in my book…”

    Good to see you looking so fit and athletic mr Shark.
    Do you exercise on a regular basis? Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but what is an adonis like person such as yourself doing using the nick name “Shark”? Change your name to jellyfish you fat bigot. Fit you are not. No doubt come the change you’ll not do very well.

    As for you hating Christians, it’s okay mr alledged music man JESUS LOVES YOU!
    The English have a very long association with Christianity! If you object to it so much why do you live in England? What? Not gone to France yet?
    Anyway, go and reside in a non-Christian state. See how far that gets yer, you unfit, uncouth bigot.

  9. Still no knews from Billy Bragg

    Also the Face Book “Anti” Peter Davies Group has been closed down

    Looks, like your Campaign Against the English Democrats has gone up in smoke !!!!!!

  10. No news from Billy…why?…are you getting anxious?

    Last time I looked the Facebook group was still there – about 5 minutes ago. Not that I’m a big Facebook fan. The anti-Crocs group has 1.5 million members, but that doesn’t make it important.

    It’s not my campaign – I don’t ‘do’ campaigns.

    Using the EDP email address again I see…

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  12. Still no news from Billy Bragg ? or indeed Mr Carling ?

    Not getting anxious – just demonstrating what a FRAUD you are Mr Shark.

    Keep digging

  13. Yeah Steve, you shouldn’t pretend to have all those celebrity endorsments!

  14. Quite.

    You have to wonder what sort of twisted mind could accuse me of being a fraud when it’s obvious that at least two of those endorsements are so obviously faked.

    One would be enough to refute the accusation.

  15. Seems that they do have one genuine celebrity supporter, England rugby player Paul Sackey

    with Steve Uncles grinning out, and Paul saying how sorry he is to miss the EDP summer party due to contractual committments to England sponsors O2…

    Wonder what O2 would think of Mr Uncles’ approach to communications….

    A thought for the future methinks

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