More Mail fuckwittery

Winter’s coming back tomorrow – the Mail says so.

Old folk are going to die by the billion, birds will freeze midflight and cause planes to crash as they rain past them and get sucked into their engines, gay people will steal all your children and sell them for smack, socialists will move in next door, venereal disease will eat your face off,  prostitutes will throw cheese at you and house prices will plummet.

And it’s all Sir Fred Goodwin’s fault!

Let it snow x3

Possibly the best snow we’ve had here in beautiful, vibrant Milton Keynes for several years.

Schools are being closed, everything still looks clean and white and the cats have been out enjoying it.

Oscar in particular, being the younger of our two Maine Coons, went a bit mad and tried to chase every falling flake he could see.

Here he is looking out at the falling snow:


Phase 2 of the plan


Only three weeks to go before we spend New Year here!

We thought we’d see what a week in France was like in winter – if we’re possibly going to relocate there then we need to experience winter!