Nick Griffin on the Jeremy Kyle Show!


Well, it’s a big fucking day here on Planet Hype.

People all over the world are peeling back the shrinkwrap from their eagerly-awaited copies of Windows 7 and those who queued up last night to get their hands on their copy at mdnight are probably jacking off to porn as we speak and marveling at how fast the pages are loading or something equally mindless.

Microsoft are encouraging people to have ‘Windows 7 Launch Parties‘ FFS.

The only logical outcome of celebrating such an underwhelming event must eventually be ‘Congratulations on a successful morning dump’ telegrams from the Queen. (I’d get one every fucking day!)

It’s another Microsoft operating system – not some sort of Second Coming – and merely makes Vista less of a fucking pain in the arse than it was.

So, just get the fuck over it.

However, if Twitter is anything to go by, the Windows 7 launch pales into insignificance compared to BNP leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on tonight’s ‘Question Time’ on BBC1.

As I write this, UAF supporters massing outside BBC Television Centre have breached security, been ejected and now Griffin is in the building ready for an early recording of the program.

My own view is that Griffin should be allowed to speak so that he isn’t denied his rights and, hopefully, so that he will be revealed on national TV for the obnoxious turd smoker that he is. The UAF – those self-appointed guardians of free speech for everyone but fascists – would seek to deny the British public that possibility. Go figure…

What interests me more, however, is how much of the hype that’s been built up over Griffin’s TV appearance is all about ‘trainwreck television‘.

Whatever happens tonight – Griffin makes a total arse of himself, someone else makes a total arse out of him, the audience get stroppy, fistfights break out between covert BNP and UAF members, someone has a ‘grassy knoll’ moment, etc, etc – I’m sure that it isn’t going to make boring viewing, but, then again, neither would a nun being torn apart by rabid stoats.

And isn’t that what it’s developing into?

Another chance for the great British Public to see something shitty happen to someone else from the comfort of their living room sofa?

People are planning – again, if Twitter is to be believed – Question Time parties and there’s even a Nick Griffin drinking game that I’m sure is going to be de rigeur in certain circles tonight.

I’m not against fun – and, let’s face it, Nu Labour have taken a lot of that particular commodity out of our lives because it’s very, very bad for us – but are we really so hard up for entertainment that what could be a worthwhile debate is transformed into the Jeremy Kyle Show for the tweeting iPhone owner?

Windows 7 and the 21% solution


Well, Windows 7 is now installed and so far, so good.

I thought the release date was today (22.10.09) but I got my pre-ordered copy a couple of days ago.

I installed it as an upgrade to Vista although, lets face it, the Sinclair ZX81 OS or even a fucking abacus would be better than M$oft’s last poxy effort.

Anyway, after backing up my shit I went for it yesterday with no small degree of trepidation – this is Microsoft, after all.

Things went swimmingly until the Windows 7 files were being expanded.

The process stuck at 21% expanded and then stayed there for what seemed like a small eternity, but was probably about 20 minutes.

I googled from my laptop and soon found this.

It appeared that I was not alone, even down to the same percentage of expansion, and further googling confirmed it.

Sure enough, after about another 15 minutes it resumed and then stopped a few more times, eventually taking about an hour.

So, if you have a similar problem, simply wait and it should be fine.

The install process also seemed to hang when it was transferring existing files and settings over to Windows 7, but I just waited and everything eventually worked.

Is Windows 7 any good?

That’s tricky – ask me in about 6 months time.

Quite honestly, if it’s 1% better than Vista it’ll be a massive improvement over that execrable piece of shit.

PC World fuckwittery

I’ve just pre-ordered Windows 7 from PC World – it seemed about the cheapest deal at £44.99 with free delivery.

Of course, the European Microsoft customer is bent over and fucked yet again being forced to buy a crippled European version, and that’s just one more reason for viewing the EU with more than a soupçon of suspicion.

European users will have to do a complete install and not just upgrade.

We’ll also have to provide our own browser. Not that I’d use Internet Explorer – it’s a buggy piece of unshiny shit, but it now means that I’ll have to get a browser – Firefox is the preferred browser here – ready on CD or memory stick beforehand.

Just one more piece of unnecessary hassle because I’m not Usanian…

However, what has just really pissed me off is that at the end of my purchase I was advised to print out a receipt with a reference number, which I always do for tax purposes.

On the monitor it looked about a page’s worth.

In reality, the printer eventually spewed out 7 fucking pages of information, conditions and other crap which didn’t seem to represent a receipt at all.

As it happens, the first page was all I needed.

Of course, it could be a cunning ploy by PC World to empty your printer carts so that you have to hotfoot it down to your local PC World store and buy a cartridge.

Not that I would, as I always buy online as it’s way cheaper – even for original makers’ cartridges.

What I think it’s more likely to be is just sheer lack of foresight from whoever gave the brief to whoever wrote the HTML for the receipt page.

It just goes to show that even when you manage to avoid real shops you’re not free of fuckwits – even online.

More nannying

Interesting if puzzling

Plans to introduce modular features in Windows 7 have been welcomed by the European Commission’s former Microsoft monitoring trustee.

Windows Features allows users to turn off applications such as Media Centre, Media Player and Internet Explorer.

I don’t use those parts of Windows anyway – and neither do many people I know.

Why all the fuss?

If you don’t like Internet Explorer, don’t use the fucking thing.

End of.