We’re at war!

Well, according to Nadine Dorries * we are – with Iraq and Afghanistan…

*Click on the video about halfway down the page.

More Mail fuckwittery

Winter’s coming back tomorrow – the Mail says so.

Old folk are going to die by the billion, birds will freeze midflight and cause planes to crash as they rain past them and get sucked into their engines, gay people will steal all your children and sell them for smack, socialists will move in next door, venereal disease will eat your face off,  prostitutes will throw cheese at you and house prices will plummet.

And it’s all Sir Fred Goodwin’s fault!


…what is it good for?…absolutely nuthin’…

So sang Edwin Starr all those years ago, and the chap wasn’t wrong, either.

I certainly wouldn’t want to fight in one, and, believe you me, we’d have to be pretty bloody desperate if they were forced to stick me in uniform and put a gun in my hand.

That’s bloody desperate as in last ditch, last stand, last gasp, smoke ’em if you got ’em, backs to the wall, totally fucked.

To say the least, I am not of ‘military age’…

I usually have nothing but admiration for anyone who joins up – especially if they have to fight.

However, after reading this I’m a little disappointed.

It seems that some of our troops are objecting to having enemy Taleban fighters and British troops treated in the same ward.

It’s long been traditional that those people rendered hors de combat are treated together regardless of which side they’re on, but now that tradition is being called into question.

On one hand, I’m with our guys all the way, even though they’ve been sent there wrongly in my view, but on the other I hope this isn’t going to be the thin end of some sort of wedge with our troops becoming all sort of fussy on our arses.

OK, the Taleban are the enemy, but it might just show those lying injured amongst our troops that we possess tolerance – even towards those who have tried to kill us – and that this very tolerance is lacking in their fundamental Muslim doctrine.