(An In)Spector Falls

Not a good look

Being a bona fide genius doesn’t preclude the possibility that you might also be a mad cunt.

In the case of Phil Spector it’s a certainty.

It’s a matter of public record that Spector was not only a brilliant and innovative record producer – I’m certainly a fan of his work – but a thoroughly unpleasant guy who was unhinged, to say the least.

Obsessed with guns, his own baldness and abusive towards women, it was almost inevitable that his life would eventually suffer some sort of trainwreck and whilst playing with a gun. whilst coming off, if not still on, prescription drugs in the presence of a woman whom he then shot it all went really badly wrong.

So, after playing the US legal system like one of his studio sessions he’s finally got his comeuppance – 15 years to life probably.

Sad but more than fair.