Windows 7 and the 21% solution


Well, Windows 7 is now installed and so far, so good.

I thought the release date was today (22.10.09) but I got my pre-ordered copy a couple of days ago.

I installed it as an upgrade to Vista although, lets face it, the Sinclair ZX81 OS or even a fucking abacus would be better than M$oft’s last poxy effort.

Anyway, after backing up my shit I went for it yesterday with no small degree of trepidation – this is Microsoft, after all.

Things went swimmingly until the Windows 7 files were being expanded.

The process stuck at 21% expanded and then stayed there for what seemed like a small eternity, but was probably about 20 minutes.

I googled from my laptop and soon found this.

It appeared that I was not alone, even down to the same percentage of expansion, and further googling confirmed it.

Sure enough, after about another 15 minutes it resumed and then stopped a few more times, eventually taking about an hour.

So, if you have a similar problem, simply wait and it should be fine.

The install process also seemed to hang when it was transferring existing files and settings over to Windows 7, but I just waited and everything eventually worked.

Is Windows 7 any good?

That’s tricky – ask me in about 6 months time.

Quite honestly, if it’s 1% better than Vista it’ll be a massive improvement over that execrable piece of shit.