Cheap beer

I was in Tesco today buying some ginger root.

They had an offer – spend £30 in store and get a 15x440ml pack of Carlsberg  lager for a fiver.

OK, it looks like Jason Button’s piss after a few laps of Chartres Cathedral (some amazing cobbles around that pile) and tastes like it too, but that’s remarkably cheap.

It has to be the cheapest chav beer special so far…

ID cards by stealth?

Here’s an amusing story.

SUPERMARKET giant Tesco refused to sell tobacco to this man – because he could not prove he was over 18. James Earl, who uses a walking frame and turns 60 this year, was left dumbfounded when staff said they would not serve him without a valid form of identification.

The accompanying photo doesn’t appear to be of anyone who looks remotely 18.

Even ASH – the anti-smoking fascists – thought it was silly.

And Tesco’s response:

A Tesco spokesman today defended the store’s stance.

He said: “The store has introduced a policy, on a trial basis, to require ID from all customers wishing to buy age-restricted products to help prevent under-age sales.

“We will of course keep this under review and would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Of course, as more and more petty restrictions are placed on what we buy, eat, smoke, drink, watch, read, hear and think then this trivial incident might just be the thin end of the wedge.

I bought cigarettes in Tesco today and had I been challenged then I couldn’t have produced any ID to prove I was over 18. I’m 57, actually, but there’s no way I look anywhere near 18.

In fact, I don’t think I have any ID that would prove my age.

So, is this the start of introducing ID cards by stealth?

If the government continues to bring in laws which legislate that certain activities are only achievable with some sort of ID being shown, then sooner or later we’re all going to be demanding some sort of standard ID.

And there it is…the ID card…by public assent…

Stupid laws and rules devised by idiots and enforced by morons – a sign of the times and the hallmark of New Labour.

So maybe not such an amusing story after all…