The UK economy – broken, kaput, fucked and royally screwed by Labour

On a personal level, the Budget yesterday did me no favours at all – tobacco, alcohol and petrol will cost me more, I don’t claim any sort of tax credits, I’m too young to qualify for any winter fuel allowance, etc, etc.

On a national level it failed too.

Oh, it tried to appeal to a certain demographic with the tax rate hike to 50% for those earning over £150K a year, but that will net very little more than bugger all in revenue and scare away some people we could do with in the UK to get us through this unholy mess.

It was a low rent budget by a low rent Chancellor on behalf of a low rent government.

What there is little doubt about is that this country is effectively fucked for about the next decade – higher taxes and reduced public spending are inevitable.

Fuck – we can’t even be sure that, as a nation, we’ll be able to keep our current AAA credit rating.

Meanwhile, crime figures are higher, our schools examination system is in crisis, our MPs continue to jostle at the overflowing troughs of taxpayers’ money, our anti-terrorist squads continue to harass innocent people and now some cock end is planning to stage a musical about the life of Jade Goody.

Sometimes I think that you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.

Drink and drugs


It would mean most bottles of wine could not be sold for less than £4.50.

Now, I live right next to a churchyard that’s been the venue for teenage drinking sessions – thankfully, it no longer seems to be – and I’ve seen the empties left behind after a night’s piss up.

I counted the empty Stella cans once and, if my memory serves me correctly, the score was in the high teens – say 18.

I also counted the empty wine bottles and the score was precisely zero.

People tend to neck beer and it’s the drink of choice for most adolescents.

Not so in the case of wine.

So, I’m suggesting a higher tax on known types of drinks that are widely abused such as alcopops, cider and lager.

I don’t agree with the proposals, but let’s at least target them.

What’s suggested penalises the wrong people.

But – even better – let’s legalise ALL drugs.

That way we can tax them to pay for the policing of matters more worthy of police attention, improve their purity, eliminate the associated crime, put real money into rehab and education and stop this ridiculous war on drugs that’s never going to be won.