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Doncaster Mayor and EDP round up

I thought it might be a good idea to post a sort of resource/round up article so people can more easily explore the wonderful wacky world of Doncaster’s new mayor, Peter Davies, and the party he represents – the English Democrats Party (EDP)

Firstly, Boatang and Demetriou’s blog which started the whole thing rolling here and made me aware of the EDP. There are many articles here over the past couple of weeks which will tell you a great deal about the EDP. Read the comments. too – there are many different points of view expressed in them which help to put the party into perspective.

Welcome to the North has an excellent article on how one of Davies’ promises will be nigh on impossible  to keep and also has the original transcript of Davies’ now legendary Radio Sheffield interview with Toby Foster.

The interview itself can be found tucked away within a BBC Radio Podcast here – skip to about 5 minutes in.

I’ve also been hard at work with extracting just the interview from the podcast and successfully battling with my ISP to get an mp3 of Foster and Davies uploaded here– Quicktime needed.

Over at the Doncaster Free Press web site, the story covering the election – worth a read, too – has follow up comments underneath and I understand that this is the longest series of comments ever generated by a story. Up to #360 and still counting! Spot the EDP stooges…

Which neatly brings me back to the EDP

Although Davies has been their only electoral success, the party stood in the recent EU elections. Although the party is not overtly or constitutionally racist, and many members are simply ordinary people exercising a legitimate political choice, Boatang and Demetriou discovered that certain officers within the party and an EU candidate  – Steven Uncles – were, in fact, not averse to making remarks which could be considered racist.

John Demetriou was told to go back to Greece (get the whole story at B&D) which was offensive as well as being geographically inaccurate.

Although I personally find the experience sometimes distasteful, if you follow some of the links that Boatang and Demetriou and myself have  put in various recent articles then you can visit the English Democrats section of the British Democracy Forum and see for yourselves.

That’s the info section done – if you want to hear why I’m trying to do my bit in all of this, please carry on reading.

First, I’d like to thank the many kind people who’ve commented on my blog, read the articles, followed the links and decided to find out for themselves what Davies and the EDP are like – usually in their own words.

Also, one of the most pleasing things to emerge from all of this is how it’s possible for Socialists, Nationalists, LibDems and Libertarians to recognise a danger when they see it, put aside differences over certain issues and communicate, co-operate and liaise with each other.

I’ve ‘met’ some really nice people so far and if you have any interesting links, stories or scuttlebutt to share, please let me know and I can add them to the Davies/EDP resources here.

But back to the real business…

Davies’ election was, in my view, a sad day for Doncaster, but it was also a sad day for our country.

Whilst the EDP may appear outwardly harmless, many people – including some EDP members themselves – now believe that certain elements in its leadership do not fully share their party’s relatively moderate stance.

As for Davies, he’s dangerous in two ways.

First of all, he’s a danger to Doncaster – he stood for election and won after making promises that he cannot possibly keep.

Does Doncaster deserve a mayor who won office after hoodwinking just 17.5% of the electorate?

But secondly, Davies is also a way into politics for the EDP after their recent electoral disaster.

This was written on the English Democracy Forum the day before today:

Doctor Why:

Originally Posted by Village Idiot:
The priority for the EngDems now is to make sure the new Doncaster Mayor has a sufficient support team around him to ensure a decent tenure. This position is all the edp HAVE really to justify their exsistence to the media. They really mustn’t waste this victory.

Totally agree Village Idiot. The Doncaster breakthrough is all the EDP has to show for its investment of time, effort and money. They simply MUST capitalise on this, or they will die a quicker political death than NuLab (and that’ll be quick enuff!). A recruitment/fundraising campaign in Doncaster, coupled with formation of a proper local branch, leading to ward-level commitees, and they could really be on their way.

As for myself, I have absolutely no political agenda here – I just know a dangerous fool when I see one.

And if you don’t like Davies, then just wait till you meet some of his support team chums…

The English Democrats’ Steve Uncles’ Facebook causes

More on Mr Uncles.

Quite a list!

47 of them.

Amongst what you’d expect – “make saint georges day a bank holiday” (sic – no capitals), “THE ENGLISH LOBBY – sue for England & the English!” (sic – way too many fucking capitals, you shouty, litigious cunts) and “Pissed of with being branded a racist/fascist because I’m proud to be English!!” (sic – spelling and double exclamation mark)* –  Great Ormond Street Hopsital has somehow crept in by some bizarre aberration, and then there’s this:

National Virtuous Citizenship

International Citzienship through Communality with National Citizenship


1. Virtue is the core to Good Intent
2. “The Good” is to be found in Virtuosity
3. Citizenship is the basic element of The Ideal State (of Being)
4. Wicked people do not posess good intent and can therefore more easily be identified as criminals


Education – Research Institutes


The Institute of Citizenship Research has presided over the investigation into what are the key constituents of Basic Citizenship and concluded the following. A Pre Citizenship course has been devised (please ask for more details) to help introduce subjects of state into the reality of The Ideal State (of Being) which provides most people with what they seek in life and in death (National Virtuous Citizenship). A booklet titled IN PURSUIT OF REASON is available for purchase or download (please ask for details) as a pre-amble to the book titled THE IDEAL STATE OF BEING which outlines the structure of an Ideal State and should be available in the fall.

This no doubt worthy cause – if I could make head or tail of what the fuck it’s all about (and wade through the grammatical and spelling errors) – has 6 supporters and total donations of $0…

All that money goes here – to the, er, USA…

How English!

And what a worthy cause, Mr Uncles.

I do so admire your public spiritedness.

I liked the ‘death’ bit – I don’t think I’m going to give a shit about any good intent I once had when I’m six feet under.

And ‘virtuosity’?

It’s ‘virtue’, you moronic twatcake.

Closer examination reveals that this organization seems to exist only on the Facebook lists of EDP members’ causes, which begs the questions

  • Who runs it?
  • What does it actually do?
  • Where is it based?

Fucked if I can find out…

None of this above information is secret in any way – it’s just shown here for your information.

More obscure gems and minor revelations to follow later.

*Why are so many people who are so insistent on their rights to be legally called English incapable of writing their own fucking language properly?

EDP candidate Steve Uncles – in his own words

I always think it’s fairest to let someone speak for themselves rather than paraphrase them so, in the interests of fair play and democracy, here are the words of Steve Uncles, the English Democrat Party’s lead candidate for the South East Region in tomorrow’s EU elections.

Before Mr Uncles ‘speaks’, I’d just like to direct you again towards Boatang and Demetriou’s excellent blog which fills in many of the missing details about this fascinating person and some of his associates should you wish to find out more about them.

I’d also like to add that I will leave you to draw your own conclusions about Mr Uncles from his own words.

Steve Uncles, from the official English Democrat site:

I look forward to the day when I can celebrate my English Identity, without the implication that I am ‘Racist or a Bigot’ – pride in one’s Country is natural & healthy.

Steve Uncles on the British Democracy forum (permalink):


A Polish guy drinks his beer then suddenly throws his glass in the air, pulls out a pistol and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, ‘In Poland our glasses are so cheap that we don’t need to drink from the same glass twice’

A Pakistani, obviously impressed by this, drinks his beer, throws the glass into the air, pulls out his AK-47 and shoots the glass to pieces.

He says, ‘In Pakistan we have so much sand to make glasses that we don’t need to drink out of the same glass twice either.’

A English chap, cool as a cucumber, picks up his beer and drinks it, throws the glass into the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the Pole and the Pakistani and catches his glass.

He says, ‘In England we now have that many Pakistanis and Poles that we don’t have to drink with the same ones twice.

God Bless England!

Steve Uncles has been banned for 7 days from posting on the British Democracy Forum:

following his posting of a sick thread

with regard to a matter unconnected with the above BD forum posting.

Boatang & Demetriou investigate

Over at Boatang and Demetriou the intrepid pair – who run the UK’s best Libertarian blog – have been getting stuck into a certain Steve Uncles of the English Democrats Party.

If you look at the last few entries you’ll see how they’ve investigated this appalling player on the British political scene and why such people’s conduct should be examined and questioned ruthlessly.

Amongst other outrageous outpourings, Mr Uncles has stated that if you do not support his version of English Democracy then you are a self-hater who will be so consumed with self-loathing that you will commit suicide. He then goes on to wish this fate on those who oppose him.

If you don rubber gloves, wellies and a biohazard suit then this will reveal the depths to which Uncles’ bigotry, hatred and prejudice can descend.

Jokes about Poles and Pakistanis anyone?

What about a joke about how long Jews’ noses are?

Lest it be thought that I’m being PC here, I’m not PC at all – as anyone who knows me can confirm.

Uncles’ humour is just plain ignorant and offensive.

I’d like to just say that B&D’s investigations have shown that not all English Democrats share Mr Uncles’ very warped and extreme opinions and argue their case for an English Parliament very cogently and coherently. Indeed, many amongst them are now distancing themselves from Mr Uncles as fast as they can.

B&D have really come up with the goods and I urge you to read their articles about Mr Uncles – it’s fascinating, although sometimes repulsive stuff.


Steve Uncles is banned for a week following his posting of a sick thread

(English Democracy Forum moderator)

Virtual bottle of champers to B&D’s virtual table – chin chin, chaps!