Mugabe comes to Calder Valley

After blogging a mere 5 days ago regarding the latest Blair/Booth pig jostling to get its snout in the parliamentary trough, this story * has just broken.

The step-mother of Cherie Blair was today at the centre of a ‘vote rigging’ row as she embarked on her crusade to become an MP.

After appearing to suffer defeat to her opponent in an election to select a candidate to represent Calder Valley in the General Election, Stephanie Booth – who is married to Cherie’s actor father Tony – stormed to a landslide win on the strength of postal votes.

On the night of the count she was losing the vote by 35 to 22. However, when postal votes were counted the balance had shifted handing her a decisive 95-52 win.

I had to pinch myself in order to check that my past life in the UK wasn’t a dream and that I wasn’t really living in Zimbabwe but – sure enough – it was all too horrifically real.

One more good example of why people talk of Zanu Labour.

Of course there are denials of any wrong-doing and apparently no-one’s broken any rules, but we all know what rules mean when Labour politicians are involved – step forward Hoon, Darling, McNulty and Smith…

*Warning, there’s a particularly repugnant photo of Cherie Booth halfway through the article.

A new piglet


Haven’t we had enough of the Blair/Booth effect in British politics?

Hasn’t it fucked this country up enough already?

Well, some people don’t think so, it would seem.

Cherie Blair’s stepmother will stand for Parliament at the next general election, the Labour Party has confirmed.

Stephenie Booth was selected as the party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, at a meeting on Thursday.

I dislike her already.

Just one more strident, greedy, authoritarian Nu Labour pigĀ  jostling to get her nose in the trough.

Here’s hoping she loses her deposit.