More Stephen Pound stretching…

Media whore Pound

I’ve just found this.

Yes, Stephen Pound MP again.

But once you’ve got a cunt hooked, best not to let him go, eh?

He was against the smoking ban:

I’ll admit that there was a bit of the Jeremy Clarkson in my protest as the anti-smokers were, in the main, a po-faced bunch who seemed bent on banning tobacco smoking as the first step on a prohibitive road.

Oops…almost a bit of Libertarianism creeping out there…

Having said that, the Freedom for Fagsmokers crews were well staffed by moon-howlers who seemed to want to do away with speed limits and any drugs control.

False alarm!

Smoking is so antisocial that it should be banned – and this time I will trust the better instincts of the people and vote for health over libertarianism.

Healthy but firmly under state control – that’s the ticket, Stephen.

I do hope he’s in a marginal seat…

A very marginal one.

Stephen Pound speaks – yet again

Makes you want to blow chunks, doesn’t it?

Stephen Pound MP – that well-known media whore shrinking violet – was on Radio 5 Live last night on the Nolan phone-in show.

He referred to:

The foul foetid reeking swamp of the blogosphere

I guess I might well be part of that due to articles like this.

I fucking hope so.

Strange, isn’t it, how the Left really doesn’t like blogs, blogging or bloggers?

Mind you, when you read something like this then you soon realise why.

It’s because they’re just no fucking good at it.

Your pound in Pound’s pocket

(Pound is in the middle)

Time to turn the spotlight on a lesser name in Westminster – Stephen (or Steve as he likes to be known when he gets down wit’ da kidz in da hood, innit?) Pound, MP for Ealing North.

Well known as being all too willing to put himself about all over the MSM like a cock-starved Bangkok whore, Pound is one of the most vociferous apologists for MPs’ excesses and sometimes questionable dealings.

He really likes to travel:

Stephen Pound, 60, Labour MP for Ealing North, which is less than 10 miles from Westminster, has only one home but claimed for 11,004 miles.

I mean he really, really likes to travel.

However, he seems to think – to judge by this quote from his blog – that the recession may not be too bad:

Locally I know that the shadow of recession darkens many of the Christmas lights but I know that we are a strong and resilient community and that maybe life without some of the excesses of consumerism will not be so unbearable.

Easy to say when you’re seeing the bucks roll in.

OK, Pound’s no Smith, or Hoon, or McNulty or Darling, but he cost the taxpayer nearly £140 000 last year and seems to think that he’s worth it and that most other MPs are, too.

How wrong he is…

Whilst I’m at it, it’s worth bringing this up again:

In 2003 BBC’s Today Programme asked its listeners to suggest a law that they would like to see put onto the statute books. The BBC received 10,000 nominations and five were short-listed, from which listeners then voted to select their preferred choice. Stephen Pound agreed to sponsor in parliament whichever idea eventually won the final vote.

On 1 January 2004 it was announced on air that first place with 37% of the vote had gone to the proposal to authorise homeowners to use any means to defend their home from intruders. (The controversial farmer Tony Martin was still very much in the news.) Stephen Pound’s on-air reaction to the result was that, “The people have spoken – the bastards”.*

Yup – the very same bastards who gave you £140 000 last year.

So, bastard yourself.

*It’s worth reading this for other views on the poll – including more from Pound himself.