I’ve just read this.

Ridley’s a talented director, so is it too much to hope that he and other equally talented people in Tinsletown might come up with some ORIGINAL ideas?

If people like the ‘A Team’ so much, then why not just watch the original series?

You can get the whole shebang for a gnat’s pube under £74 from Amazon – all 27 (!) discs of it.

By the time you’ve taken the family to the cinema, bought natchoes and popcorn in buckets the size of wheely bins and great vats of cokes the size of oil drums you’ll probably end up in pocket…plus you won’t have to sit there seething while some knobend behind you talks all the way through the film.

However, the biggest advantage to buying the DVDs will be not sitting through the remake wondering why Hannibal isn’t allowed to have a cigar anymore…