“War on Terror” is a mistake…where do you fucking start?

I wanted to blog about David Miliband’s recent declaration that the ‘war on terror’ was a mistake.

But I struggled…

…not so much with the concept of such a conflict or even with my own long-held opinion being vindicated that the idea of organised terrorism – as Bush, Blair and other people would have us accept – was fatally flawed, but with the way that he’s been allowed to slip this bombshell under the wire without the whole nation demanding that he be strung up by the bollocks along with every other New Labour rentboy who allowed themselves to be royally buttfucked by the US neo-cons – and fucking LOVED it – whilst dragging this world just that bit closer to madness than anyone of us would like.

(Wow…that’s a hell of a sentence – I hope you understood it.)

It’s now beyond all reasonable doubt that the British press has less bollocks than a neutered vole when, instead of FUCKING OUTRAGE at the sheer effrontery of this pronouncement, they just calmly report that a government minister thinks the whole Bin Laden/Al Queda/9-11/organised training camp in Pakistan/shoot the guy with the backpack/there’s a dodgy Muslim in my street package is a MISTAKE.

All this AFTER we’re introduced to the unparalleled intrusion into our private lives in the form of covert surveillance and the prospect of national databases – and we all know how FUCKING SECURITY CONSCIOUS our government is, so abso-fucking-lutely no problem there – and that will continue to be imposed on us in the future form of national ID cards as long as this shitty excuse for a government clings on to power like an alcoholic to his last can of white cider.

I am fucking ANGRY.

FUCK this tawdry excuse for a government and its CLUSTER FUCK politics.