A hot tip for the English Democrat Mayor of Doncaster

Peter Davies’ first day as the English Democrats Mayor of Doncaster – the video.

Amongst other mayoral duties, Davies cleared out his predecessor’s desk.

Peter the Punter

Look more closely and you’ll discover the Mayor’s papers of choice – that bigoted and tawdry piece of low rent toilet paper bastion of public morality and middle class decency, the Daily Mail, and that erudite political journal the Spectator Racing Post.

Peter the Punter2

This prompts me to suggest that as a betting man Mr Davies might stand more chance of ensuring Doncaster Council’s financial wellbeing if he forgot about cutting services and jobs and just bunged the whole budget on a horse.

Might I suggest Spitfire in the 3.30 at Doncaster next Sunday?

Nice patriotic name (as flown in the Battle of Britain England) and its form makes it seem worth a punt…