Power pop goodness

Amidst the cuntsoup of ill-conceived and futile proposals that is the party conference season there is solace to be found in music.

As Uncle Frank once said – Music is the best – and he wasn’t the fuck wrong.

So, here’s a handpicked trio of songs that may have passed you by.

All might be called ‘power pop’ and are great examples of the genre.

Needless to say, in the seemingly neverending tide of mediocrity exemplified by Coldplay and the like, none had any real success.

First off, Pugwash – sounding a bit XTC/Jellyfish’ish, second the criminally ignored Starclock and last but not least, ex-Jellyfish keys player Robert Joseph Manning Jr.

And yes, God probably plays a Rickenbacker when he’s not visiting shit on everyone.