Ian Tomlinson – a Daily Mail reader speaks

To be fair to the police, the guy was meandering around aimlessly with no apparant purpose or reason for him being there, and appeared drunk. I would have thought he was a protester, and given that he made no attempt to get out of the way of the police approach (in fact he looks like he is purposely getting in their way) – I would have pushed him out of the way too.

– AA, Herts

AA, you’re a cunt.

Now, fuck off

What a terrible week!

Ouch – me Chalfonts!

But not for me…s’been OK, ta.

I don’t think that Gordon Brown can say the same though:

  • ‘Terror swoops’ that have probably netted nothing but a few Pakistanis with dodgy visas.
  • Bob Quick’s resignation
  • Harriet Harman’s success in raising the profile of the BNP
  • The gradual emergence of evidence that points to fatal flaws in the way we investigate complaints against the Police
  • Smear campaigns being hatched inside the very walls of No 10
  • More ineffectual and hubris-riddled replies from the Two Homes Secretary to critics of her expense claims
  • Overpayments to the tune of hundreds of millions of GBP to the Irish government for healthcare
  • A revolt by the NUT over SATs
  • Painful haemorrhoids*

The above list is just a selection of some of the more problematic incidents which have all conspired to fuck up the week for Gordon.

Fuck knows who’s going to be leading us after the next General Election – I don’t trust more than a handful of the shonky shitweasels we have as politicians – but I don’t think it’s going to be Gordon…

*I made that one up.

More right wing sense

Yes, this time it’s the Times.

It looks like the only people with a good word for the police on that day are being marginalised.

The G20 death

I’m leaving the entry regarding Ian Tomlinson’s death in my blog to illustrate the mistake of assuming too much too soon.

I admit that I was wrong in my assumptions and wish to apologise to anyone offended by them.

No police state evident at G20 protests

The police…love ’em…hate ’em…they’re all that stands between those who abide by the law and those who don’t.

Most of the time I think they do a good enough job given the restrictions and workload placed upon them by a government and a bureaucracy that has little appreciation of the job that they actually do – just like teachers, nurses, social workers and the like.

Their behaviour and reaction during the G20 protests seemed somewhat predictable.

Yes, heavy handedness was evident at times but given the nature of their task – controlling a mob that greatly outnumbered them and that did contain some violent elements – I really couldn’t say that I’d keep my calmness and equanimity faced with that situation.

Sure, they’re trained to deal with situations like this, but that’s not the same as actually coping with them for real.

All in all, it wasn’t a perfect display of how to police a large crowd, but at least they prevented it from being a riot and I’m sure some lessons have been learned.

If we are heading for a police state then I’m glad to say we still have some way to go.

The futility of the City protests

It was only 3 days ago, but the G20 protests just seem like ancient history to me today.

Two things stick in my mind about them:

1) How the protesters assumed the guy who died last Wednesday was a fellow protester –¬† he wasn’t – and that he was the victim of police brutality – he wasn’t.

2) A photo of two guys meditating at the Climate Camp on the BBC News site.

The photo amused me greatly and some exploration of blogs has thrown this gem up:

The scheduled activities in the Camp were:

(1) Buddhist meditation;

(2) how to fight climate change with poetry; and

I thought the meditation thing was a bit daft – not to say fucking moronic as even the Dalai Lama himself (and he knows a shitload about meditation) admits that meditation won’t alter climate change – but the poetry thing is even dafter…

e j thribb was there, I hope.

You can only imagine the quality of the ‘poetry’…

It’s too easy to rip the piss out of the climate change lunatic fringe, really…it’s way more sporting harpooning sperm whales in a jacuzzi…

I suppose that the main question is, did the protests actually achieve anything?

Well, to read some of the slightly more outre blogs you’d think that they did, but empirical evidence would suggest otherwise, and the protests just look more ineffective and ludicrous with each passing hour.

Basically a few thousand politically-naive young people had a couple of nice sunny days out and a few of them smashed shit up.

That’s all it was.

If you were a protester and it didn’t quite turn out to be as much fun as you thought it was going to be then don’t fucking take part in protests – they’re not meant to be fun days out for the bored and intellectually-challenged.

So…here’s to the next protest …they’ve happened before and they’ll happen again…

…but they won’t change a fucking thing.

Apologies for the repeat plugging!

I know I only blogged about this a couple of days ago, but I urge you to watch the short film here.

Two students go to the G20 Meltdown on April 1st to see if they can spot any anarchists.

Without giving the game away, they can – but they also get a bit more than they bargained for.

Great film – witty, involved and involving but taking no high moral tone and it gives you a real feel for what went on that day without the BBC’s tactics of always showing you the worst.

Please see it – it deserves as wide an audience as possible!

The G20 death – predictable hysteria

So, someone died at the G20 protests yesterday.

Here’s the story so far according to the Guardian, who seem to find nothing suspicious about the death.

Predictably, people in the anti-G20 camp are now calling him ‘a hero’ when it isn’t even clear whether he was involved in the protests or just going home.

The hysterical response to the rumours surrounding the guy’s death is well displayed by the Twitter feed in an anarchist’s blog:

  • @ahsbenton: i.e thank god we’re all ok, not thank god the poor guy died. I’m sitting in front of the laptop crying. What the hell happened? about 18 hours ago
  • Thank god. Christ, I don’t recognise this country anymore. about 18 hours ago
  • Oh my god. A guy’s just died at the G20 protests.

She really ought to do a spot of research first and not go all Hollywood on us.

After all, she is a journalist writing for…er…why, the Guardian!

This same blogger also commented:

Did you hear that a guy died at Climate Camp? Jesus…

He was nowhere near the Climate Camp…

But back to the main point.

People suddenly die all the time – sometimes after living a perfectly healthy life with no illnesses or sign of illness whatsoever.

I bet someone else collapsed and died in London yesterday.

It happens, not that makes it any less tragic for the deceased’s family, but to ascribe¬† such a death to something rather more sinister is just a cynical ploy that shits over any respect for the dead person.

Professor Chris Knight – cunt du jour

The anarchist professor…could anything be more cliched?

Just because you’re an academic doesn’t mean you’re intelligent.

Here’s suspended Professor Chris Knight on yesterday’s G20 protests in the City:

“I’m feeling good. I said the revolution would happen at noon and it did. I’m sorry that the RBS got smashed, but it is only property.”

I don’t know what he’s a professor of – and I don’t really give a fuck – but it can’t be of history.*


Fucking grow up.

In real revolutions, cunts like Knight have their hands examined for signs of manual labour and if they’re absent then it’s up against the wall with you, motherfucker.

This ‘revolution’ was just a bunch of about 4000 people who couldn’t even fucking agree what to protest about.

As for it being ‘only property’, it was actually property part-owned by the taxpayers.

Part-owned by me.

So, if I smash your windows you won’t mind?

After all, it’s only property.

Fucking oxygen thief.

  • Anthropogy actually – that’ll be a lot of fucking good in the post-revolution chaos he longs for, won’t it?

Anarchists don’t like anarchy

From the Guardian’s G20 blog:

On Twitter, Snufkin21 says Stop the War protesters booed the media present “for hyping up the G20 violence”. The huge media presence has been criticised by a number of people on Twitter who believe it’s encouraged extreme elements to “play to the gallery”.

So, it shouldn’t be reported?

And after all the fuss made by the various organisations involved, what the fuck do they expect – a couple of pissed-up hacks with notebooks and pencils?

As for the ‘extreme elements’ if the protesters don’t want them involved then they should have organised things a bit better.