One more blueberry muffin before the revolution!

I’m trying to work out whether this blog – the latte-drinking feminist anti-capitaist one referred to in the last entry here – is serious or satirical.

If it’s serious then I don’t think that we have anything to fear from the far left at least as their concerns seem to be fractured and dispersed beyond all coherence.

If it’s satirical then it’s a work of true genius.

Here’s an extract:

So, last night I found my tiny self at a debate organised by Soundings and Comment Is Free, provocatively titled ‘After New Labour’. I was starving, having been writing all day when I should have been eating lunch, and had just about enough time to pick up the world’s largest blueberry muffin on my way to King’s Place. As I was due to write a piece for the Graun (Pennyred articles commissioned and turned down by Guardian currently stand at 6), I was ushered into a little room containing The Rt Hon Harriet Harman Rt Hon, Madeleine Bunting and someone else who knew them both so was obviously famous, and – me, and my muffin. Dilemma! I have an annoying tendency to shake and fall over when I haven’t eaten. But Harriet Harman was right there! I couldn’t just scoff down a muffin in front of her without even introducing myself – could I? Or could I? In the end I made my excuses and sprinted outside for sugar, cigarettes and other vices, before heading back in to ask cheeky questions and generally have a great deal of fun.

This could have come straight from the pages of the Eye!

Of course, I realise that I could be getting this anti-capitalist feminist lots of hits but the comic rewards are worth it.

Satirical or not, it’s fucking funny and she can certainly write…

Addendum or some such late additional shite:

She should be able to write – she seems to be some sort of celebrated left-wing  journalist.

Real name – Laurie Penny.

Still an amusing blog though – and being a journalist isn’t necessary an aid to credibility…I used to be a freelancer myself at one time.