Privacy is meaningless under ZanuLabour

My daughter’s just out of 6 hours in surgery to remove a stagshorn kidney stone after months of NHS vacillation and incompetency.

I’m down as her next of kin but all they’ll tell me over the phone is that she’s out of surgery and OK.

Well, thanks you bastard fuckers – and the motherfucking cunts who have instituted this culture of lop-sided privacy.

How come it’s OK to spy on us with CCTV cameras, read our emails, listen to us on the phone and generally snoop on us but when it comes to telling a father about his daughter’s medical condition then it’s ‘confidential’ all of a sudden?

Fucking arseholing shiteating cunts.

In-phorm-ation technology

Why isn’t this news surprising?

Vivane Reding, the EU’s telecoms commissioner, said the commission will now investigate the Government’s implementation of European privacy laws.

“Technologies like internet behavioural advertising can be useful for businesses and consumers but they must be used in a way that complies with EU rules,” she said. “We have been following the Phorm case for some time and have concluded that there are problems in the way the UK has implemented parts of the EU rules on the confidentiality of communications.”

This government has scant regard for its citizens’ privacy so why not go and break a few privacy laws to put the tin lid on it?

Fantastic…try and be responsible and install anti-spyware software on your system and the government are going to let Phorm into it…why the fuck bother?

For once, let’s hope the EU gives our government a right kicking over this.

As it’s the Home Office’s area of ‘expertise’ let’s hope Jacqui Smith gets a kicking too.