Release non-violent criminals!

Amidst all the current discussion about giving non-custodial sentences to all those who would formerly have been given up to a year in prison, no-one seems to have brought up the factor of what exactly people are given sentences for.

I was listening to a phone-in on the radio this morning and there was a guy on there who’d served 13 months for ‘trademark infringement’.

Now, I really don’t see this person as any threat to life or limb as far as people going about their daily business are concerned.

He seems exactly the right sort of candidate for community service. He’s no real risk to anyone, he’ll cost less to support than he would in prison and he’d be putting something back into society.

However, if it was someone who’d got that sort of sentence for any crime of violence then I’d want them to have the prison term – in full.

Surely there must be a good proportion of the prison population – serving a variety of lengths of sentence – who are of no physical threat to society who could receive non-custodial sentences and thus free up places for more dangerous criminals?

So, basically, non-violent crime gets community service.

Crimes against the person the full custodial term.

Each case must be judged on its own merits but with the factor of harm against the individual the over-riding factor in deciding for or against non-custodial sentences.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Conrad cornholed?

Conrad Black – disgraced  lord and former media tycoon – has been describing what might seem like an idyllic life behind bars in a Florida prison.

His six-and-a-half year sentence for fraud and obstruction of justice seems like one endless round of drinking coffee, resting, giving lectures, playing piano, tutoring and reading.

However, there does seem to be one rather large fly in the KY…

Black states that:

My circle hasn’t so much changed as expanded

An unfortunate choice of words?

Or has Connie been cornholed by several large fellow inmates as they attempt to make him their bitch?

Here’s hoping!

Incidentally, maybe we should stop giving out titles and knighthoods to people from the North American continent.

Conrad (Lord) Black is Canadian…

Sir Alan Stanford is Texan…

It makes you think!

Prison buggery and open source software

So Lord Ahmed is now slopping out and trying to avoid the common incarceration game of ‘hide the salami’ – although as that’s a pork comestible I doubt that will be served up to his Conship somehow…

That’s not a very PC thing to say, I know, but hey – Hazel Blears wants us all to be LESS PC!


But back to the texting peer.

Lord Ahmed’s solicitor, Steve Smith, said he thought his client had been used as a “scapegoat” by those attempting to drive home the message about not using a mobile phone while at the wheel.


The stupid fuck shouldn’t have been using a mobile at the wheel.

Just suck it up, twat.

All you really need to worry about is that when you get out of stir you can’t fit your Roller up your arsehole…

What else?

Another plane crash that turned out to have a better outcome than expected and Jack Straw’s email account has been used for Nigerian scamming.

Oh yes, Tom Watson MP, minister for digital engagement (!) says that government departments often pay too much for proprietary software that isn’t always any good – join the fucking club…so the government is backing open source software.

It makes you wonder how it took them so long to realise that a lot of this stuff is better than the usual M$oft crap. Then again, I suspect that there are those who advise them who have a vested interest in recommending a certain piece of software…

Anything else?

Not really.