Come to England and get pissed!

I’m getting a tad fucked off with all the differences it can make on your pocket depending on which part of this Sceptered Isle you inhabit.

It seems a strange way to run a United Kingdom with us English having to pay for prescriptions and the Welsh not having to pay anything.

Then there’s the Scots with no further education tuition fees…

Frankly, it’s a fucking mess.

And here’s even more bullshit along similar lines:

The latest Scottish Parliament proposals regarding alcohol.

Has anyone thought this crap through, for fuck’s sake?

This, in particular, is going to cause a lot of trouble.

Pursue the establishment of a minimum price per unit of alcohol, including further research on setting the level.

OK, say they arrive at £1.50 a unit. That means a pint of 5% ABV beer will cost about £4.50 a pint. Say a quid more than it does at present.

Now, if I lived near the English/Scottish border I’d be very tempted to go and drink and buy my booze in England if I lived in Scotland.

Can you imagine what it might be like living in a border town in England if the Scots do have higher alcohol prices?

Maybe I pitched that £1.50 a unit figure too high, but then if it’s only fractionally higher than it is at present, what effect is that going to have on consumption?

I’m inclined to think ‘fuck all’.

Do the people who dream these proposals up get paid per fuckwitted idea?

It would appear so.

I know…sack their useless arses and spend the money on liver transplants.

Better still, use their fucking livers.

No, bad idea – you’d have to be permanently pissed to think of this shit in the first place…