Give me another cigarette!


“When you think of someone who smokes Benson and Hedges or Marlboro, there are very different images – the sophisticate versus the cowboy. Take that away and you don’t have people expressing identity through cigarette brands.”

Patronising cocksores.

More patronising bollocks

Everywhere I look these days there seem to be cunts sticking their noses into people’s everyday lives.

I found this lot today – the Fat Panel.

Apparently, they don’t like some of the recipes celebrity chefs are telling us about.

We are being fed dishes full of saturated fat by celebrity chefs, according to a new report from The Fat Panel. The report analysed the saturated fat content of a variety of starters, main courses, side orders and dessertsfrom popular cook books and discovered that many celebrity chefs’ recipes contained more than 100% of the Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) of saturated fat (30g for men and 20g for women) in a single serving.

They then go on to say:

Whilst this would be acceptable if they were consumed occasionally or as a treat, few people realise the potential health risks of eating these meals often. With pressure on for more people to cook from scratch at home, it is important for people to understand how these recipes can be easily and simply adapted so they can still cook them and enjoy them but also make them more healthy.

OK, fine, go ahead and recommend healthier ways of making up the recipes.

But we’re not all clueless fuckers who can’t think for ourselves.

And just what the blistering FUCK does this mean?

We are being fed dishes full of saturated fat by celebrity chefs

We are not being fed by them.

We can choose to make the recipe and then we can choose to eat it.

So we feed it to ourselves.

What a fucking clueless thing to say!

Very occasionally I make a potato dish with butter, cream and Gruyere cheese.

Yes, it’s probably very bad for me, but I only make it about once every two months.

So, Fat Panel, just fuck off and stick your patronising crap up your fucking arses and let us make our own minds up about what to eat and when to eat it.