Ignorant parents

Just when you thought you’d come across most aspects and examples of ignorance something like this comes along…

Essentially, there seems to be a rather loose campaign amongst some parents to get a one-armed TV presenter off our screens because they claim she’s scaring their children.

I can only assume by such intolerant, pathetic and offensive attitudes on display that we’re dealing with cunts here.

Yes, cunts.

No other term will do, although if there was anything stronger I’d use it in this case.

I used to teach a kid who had no arms and had his hands growing out of his shoulders.

It was a very rough school, but none of the other kids turned a hair and no parent ever complained that he was scaring their children.

I’m all for children growing up to accept that other people are different in many ways – different appearances, attitudes, abilities, etc – and that only seems achievable if they’re exposed to such differences gradually as they encounter them.

I’m not saying that an agenda should be set to give them these experiences or that it should all be dispensed within a PC framework, just that we shouldn’t shelter our children from these differences.

One father said he would ban his daughter from watching the channel because he thought it would “give her nightmares”.

How stupid is that?

From age zero we expose our children to all manner of nightmare-inducing concepts.

Three Blind Mice?

Rodent maiming knife crime.

Little Red Riding Hood?

Wolf devours senior citizen then has amateur vivisection performed on it.

Not to mention the many dragons, witches, monsters and other characters from stories and songs that have entertained children for centuries…

So, once in a while children might get exposed to a bit of reality for a change.

It’s called life.

Some won’t see any difference in what’s real to fiction, some won’t notice it anyway, some will ask questions – and then it’s up to parents to give straight answers where possible and in a manner sensitive to both the child and the subject – and some may be scared, but then it’s down to the parents again, this time to allay those fears.

It’s all part of the ‘contract’ you ‘sign’ when you have a child and if you try and avoid having to deal with the difficult aspects of parenthood like explaining what they may find difficult to understand then you’ve really fucked up.

In fact, you’ve shown yourself to be emotionally and intellectually disabled and your child will probably grow up to be the same.

If you’re one of these complaining parents and you’re reading this:

Fuck you.

More GTCE bullshit

What a crock of shit.

So, teachers should be role models and the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) is drafting a code to restrict their lives outside school.

What about a code of conduct for the people who should really be children’s role models?

Their fucking parents...

What’s more frightening than one sicko?

When they get together, that’s what.

Two recent cases involving children – Shannon Matthews and Baby P – have thrown into sharp relief how some children in the so-called civilized United Kingdom are treated by those who should care for them.

Apart from all the distressing details (and in the case of Baby P I’d advise you to skip them if you think you’re likely to be upset – they really are truly horrifying) what stands out for me is how evil gravitated towards evil in both cases. One lone abuser you can perhaps understand, but when they start acting in collusion with each other then they can back each other up, cover for each other and carry out their plans more effectively.

Speaking as an erstwhile bleeding-heart liberal I’m starting to entertain thoughts regarding the fitness of some people to have children in the first place and wondering why we should waste valuable resources keeping them alive when they’ve shown their total lack of basic humanity.

I’m not happy thinking like this, but the current measures taken to protect children have been shown to be woefully inadequate – whether we need to simply enforce regulations that are already there or whether we need a radical rethink I don’t know. I’m no expert.

However, what I do know is that the most vulnerable members of our society are being badly served by those who should be protecting them and something needs to be done without any further delay.