Could this be the grubbiest MP expenses claim yet?

Cook – he’s a tight cunt

From Day 24 of the Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses revelations:

The most extraordinary claim was made by Mr Cook, who tried to claim for £5 he donated during a Battle of Britain memorial service.

A handwritten note attached to the claim by way of a receipt stated: “Battle of Britain church service, Sunday 17.09.06. £5 contribution to offertory on behalf of Frank Cook MP.”

The fees office wrote on his claim “Not Allowed” and refused to pay out on the claim. Markings on the note indicate the Commons authorities had been planning to blank out the word “offertory” before they were to be made public in the summer, meaning the precise nature of the claim would have remained hidden from the public if it had not been disclosed by the Telegraph.

It is particularly embarrassing because Mr Cook is an official supporter of the campaign to commemorate Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park, who commanded the RAF’s 11 Group Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain.

Could Frank Cook be the tightest cunt in the history of Parliament?