Doncaster Mayor – news and blogs update

The Doncaster Free Press has a new story – the mayor’s U-turn over Gay Pride Parade funding – with comments already added.

Welcome to the North continues its excellent ‘Mayorwatch’ series with posts on the Star’s reporting on the EDP’s plans for Doncaster, Tories in the Mayor’s cabinet and  the Mayor’s Gay Pride Parade U-turn.

John of the Boatang and Demetriou blog has written a very fine fisking of Peter the Punter’s Peter Davies’ manifesto promises and how practical – or otherwise – these may be to keep.

The Facebook page – ‘Protest against Doncaster’s new Mayor, Peter Davies. What have we done?‘ – continues to debate the issue of  getting rid of Davies and has details of various activities and suggestions towards this end.

I found this article via Facebook, which highlights one of the reasons why an ostensibly benign party like the EDP may hold hidden dangers when some less than attractive characters get included amongst its upper ranks.

If you have any interesting links that you’d like me to include in what I hope will be regular updates, then please feel free to contact me with the details.

Also, stand by for a couple of useful and informative posts on this blog.