Abu Hamza opens new takeaway!

I’m glad to say that this guy – Abu Hamza, the radical Muslim cleric – is currently doing porridge at Her Majesty’s pleasure and I sincerely hope the one-eyed, hook-handed cunt really will be extradited to the US as soon as he’s finished ‘passing the soap’ with his new best friends…

I read today how his 3 sons will now be joining him in stir for their part in a car stealing racket.

Perhaps a bad move as they’ll very likely be able to secrete a fleet of Mercs up their arses by the time they’ve been made some 6’6″ hairy biker’s bitches.

So, imagine my surprise when I found this pushed through the letterbox not 5 minutes ago:


I don’t think I’ll be trying out their menu, although whipping the chicken out of the tandoor must be a breeze with a metal hook at the end of your arm…

Is it too much to ask…

…that a minister in the UK government attends to national concerns rather than the grumblings of a disaffected minority?

Why not educate that minority rather than acquiesce to them?

And since when did we put the interests of faith before all others?

It’s a mystery to me why it’s always necessary to state that a group of people are ‘Muslim’ when we refer to no other groups that way.

Do people habitually talk of ‘Catholic Poles’, Hindu Indians’ or ‘Presbyterian Scots’?

In the UK religious faith is a matter of choice, and whilst it might colour opinion, it should not be a guiding factor in government policy.

Mr Khan obviously feels differently…


…what is it good for?…absolutely nuthin’…

So sang Edwin Starr all those years ago, and the chap wasn’t wrong, either.

I certainly wouldn’t want to fight in one, and, believe you me, we’d have to be pretty bloody desperate if they were forced to stick me in uniform and put a gun in my hand.

That’s bloody desperate as in last ditch, last stand, last gasp, smoke ’em if you got ’em, backs to the wall, totally fucked.

To say the least, I am not of ‘military age’…

I usually have nothing but admiration for anyone who joins up – especially if they have to fight.

However, after reading this I’m a little disappointed.

It seems that some of our troops are objecting to having enemy Taleban fighters and British troops treated in the same ward.

It’s long been traditional that those people rendered hors de combat are treated together regardless of which side they’re on, but now that tradition is being called into question.

On one hand, I’m with our guys all the way, even though they’ve been sent there wrongly in my view, but on the other I hope this isn’t going to be the thin end of some sort of wedge with our troops becoming all sort of fussy on our arses.

OK, the Taleban are the enemy, but it might just show those lying injured amongst our troops that we possess tolerance – even towards those who have tried to kill us – and that this very tolerance is lacking in their fundamental Muslim doctrine.