Missing – 42 MPs

I’d just like to ask again, where the FUCK were all our MPs when the elections took place for the new speaker?

Even assuming that candidates weren’t allowed to vote, but maybe could in the later stages after they’d been eliminated, that still leaves over 40 of the troughing bastards unaccounted for.

593 MPs appear to have voted in the first stage.

That makes 42 MPs who didn’t attend the new Speaker’s election, if you disregard the 10 candidates and the current Speaker – assuming he can’t vote.

Where the blistering FUCK were they?

What the FUCK was so important that they couldn’t attend?

What the FUCK are we paying them for?

Not good enough

They just don’t get it, do they?

Now that many of our MPs have been caught out as greedy troughing cunts there’s now an undignified scramble as they wave cheques about, make apologetic noises and start to see the gravy train derailing at the next election.

But it was never about the money.

It’s all about their abuse of our trust in them – that their claims would follow the guidelines and be for expenses incurred in their duties as MPs.

So far, what have we got?

Words and a poxy £100 000 being paid back.

It’s not good enough.

Neither Brown, Cameron nor Clegg have shown themselves to have any balls and taken active steps to punish those who have abused the system.

Yes, 20 MPs are going to pay back a small fraction of what they guzzled from the Westminster trough but it’s a drop in the ocean.

Only if tough measures to punish those who have abused our trust are taken will our MPs be able to be trusted again.

Everyone must be named, shamed, thrown out of their party if they have submitted and received fraudulent claims, the relevant criminal prosecution brought if applicable and all moneys obtained that break the code of practice current at the time of the claim returned in full, with interest.

That would satisfy people that Parliament might once again be trusted.

But will it happen?

Will it fuck.

Depressed? Moi?

You know what really, really depresses me?

The thought that even if Labour lost the next election and every single one of their MPs lost their seat, all of them would still make a nice living out of publishing their diaries and memoirs, getting directorships and consultancy posts, writing newspaper columns and renting out their second homes – not to mention the various schemes designed to ensure that every MP has an easy start to unemployment, a very good pension and the savings they’ve accrued.

And you know what?

We’ve made it possible for them to have all this.

Now I feel even more depressed.

Even more pigs!


More pigs

And still they come – more pigs eager to get their snouts in the expenses trough.

Tory, this time.

What a refeshing change!

The fucked-up Daily Mail and Sachsgate – the stench lingers on

Even by its own lamentable standards the Mail has made a bit of a twat of itself today.

Yes, it’s the Ross/Brand circus all over again after the news that OFCOM has fined the BBC £150 000 – that’s about one MP’s expenses for those wanting a quick currency conversion.

Make Ross pay: As BBC is fined record £150,000 over sick stunt, MPs demand £6m-a-year star and Russell Brand foot bill

Two points worth raising here.


Well, only just…as one Lib Dem Don Foster (who he?) chips in (they’ve always got something to say about everything, haven’t they?) and Labour’s Gerald Kaufman is prised out of cryogenic storage to speak his brains – file between fish fingers and hash browns.

So, yes, that’s certainly MPs in the plural but hardly the swell of parliamentary opinion that the headline infers.

The other point concerns the woman in this affair – Sach’s granddaughter.

Interesting choice of photograph of her the Mail has made for this ‘story’…stockings, suspenders, etc.

So, whilst the comments column below is full of a bukkake-like outspewing of moral froth and puritanical self-righteousness the actual story is illustrated with a picture whose only purpose seems to be to titillate the readership.

Weren’t there any photographs of Ms Baillie in slightly more clothes?

And where does that place the Mail in its attempts to lay claim to any moral high ground in this whole affair?

It portrays Ms Baillie as the injured party yet shows her in her underwear in a pose clearly intended to be provocative.

It’s confused and confusing to say the least and takes me into places I’d rather not go with regard to the twisted psyches of some Mail readers – not to mention their journalistic pimps.

One last thing…

Hazel ‘eee I’m just a simple Northern lass wi’ me flatcap on me head and a whippet in my briefs’ Blears appeared on the BBC’s Question Time program last week and also joined in the Ross/Brand debate saying that they should pay the fine, so that’s one MP the Mail missed, bringing the number of MPs actually calling for this to happen to a grand total of 3:

The BBC is funded by all of us as licence-payers, so actually, are we having to pay the fine?  Then I thought maybe Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand should pay it… that might be quite a good idea.

However, I’m sure that Hazel ‘eee I’ve gone upmarket and now I keep me coal in the bath at me second home and pass me some more whippet and black pudding flavour crisps’ Blears has something slightly more pressing to think about right now.

More fiddling by MPs

Yet another fiddling fuckwad MP has emerged from the woodwork.

This time his particular case looks even less defensible than Jacqui Smith’s second home allowance con trick.

Mr McNulty’s spokesman earlier told the Press Association that the MP was “completely compliant with all the regulations around the allowances for second homes”.

“There is absolutely nothing irregular in Tony’s situation,” he said.

As usual there’s the pathetic insistence that no rules have been broken, but the moral implications just look so fucking bad and show the cynicism and contempt with which the public is regarded.

The whole second homes allowance should be sorted out once and for all and fucking quickly too.

If only Gordon Brown was as concerned with his ministers lining their pockets as he is with Fred Goodwin’s pension…