Speaker election update

Another George Young

The first round of votes is over:

  • Bercow 179
  • Young 112
  • Beckett 74
  • Haselhurst 66
  • Beith 55
  • Widdecombe 44

Eliminated – having not achieved 5% of the vote:

  • Dhanda 26
  • Shepherd 15
  • Cormack 13
  • Lord 9

A hopeful sign with ‘Hanging Baskets’ Beckett coming a poor third.

Bercow is a troughing twat, so that leaves Young as this blog’s favourite.

He may not be perfect, but at least he isn’t Beckett or Bercow…

Incidentally, it seems that over 50 MPs didn’t vote.

Where the fuck were they and what were they doing?

Lazy cunts.

Why hasn’t the Telegraph nailed Balls yet?

It’s interesting how there’s been a resounding silence in the columns of the Telegraph about the expenses of Ed Balls and his MP wife Yvette Cooper. They’ve been in the news before regarding some funny business with their second homes allowance and they must really be raking in the bucks with them both having their porcine snouts in the trough but – so far – nothing…

I offer some suggestions for this silence below:

  • The Telegraph is saving up a BIG story to keep people reading it
  • Balls and Cooper have obtained some sort of secret injunction to gag the paper
  • They’ve not only obeyed all the allowances rules, but also kept within the spirit of them

Nail Balls – forget Cooper – and you really will have hit the floundering Brownite hulk below the waterline.

Let’s hope the shit we’re all sure is there hits the fan soon…

Your pound in Pound’s pocket

(Pound is in the middle)

Time to turn the spotlight on a lesser name in Westminster – Stephen (or Steve as he likes to be known when he gets down wit’ da kidz in da hood, innit?) Pound, MP for Ealing North.

Well known as being all too willing to put himself about all over the MSM like a cock-starved Bangkok whore, Pound is one of the most vociferous apologists for MPs’ excesses and sometimes questionable dealings.

He really likes to travel:

Stephen Pound, 60, Labour MP for Ealing North, which is less than 10 miles from Westminster, has only one home but claimed for 11,004 miles.

I mean he really, really likes to travel.

However, he seems to think – to judge by this quote from his blog – that the recession may not be too bad:

Locally I know that the shadow of recession darkens many of the Christmas lights but I know that we are a strong and resilient community and that maybe life without some of the excesses of consumerism will not be so unbearable.

Easy to say when you’re seeing the bucks roll in.

OK, Pound’s no Smith, or Hoon, or McNulty or Darling, but he cost the taxpayer nearly £140 000 last year and seems to think that he’s worth it and that most other MPs are, too.

How wrong he is…

Whilst I’m at it, it’s worth bringing this up again:

In 2003 BBC’s Today Programme asked its listeners to suggest a law that they would like to see put onto the statute books. The BBC received 10,000 nominations and five were short-listed, from which listeners then voted to select their preferred choice. Stephen Pound agreed to sponsor in parliament whichever idea eventually won the final vote.

On 1 January 2004 it was announced on air that first place with 37% of the vote had gone to the proposal to authorise homeowners to use any means to defend their home from intruders. (The controversial farmer Tony Martin was still very much in the news.) Stephen Pound’s on-air reaction to the result was that, “The people have spoken – the bastards”.*

Yup – the very same bastards who gave you £140 000 last year.

So, bastard yourself.

*It’s worth reading this for other views on the poll – including more from Pound himself.

Mugabe comes to Calder Valley

After blogging a mere 5 days ago regarding the latest Blair/Booth pig jostling to get its snout in the parliamentary trough, this story * has just broken.

The step-mother of Cherie Blair was today at the centre of a ‘vote rigging’ row as she embarked on her crusade to become an MP.

After appearing to suffer defeat to her opponent in an election to select a candidate to represent Calder Valley in the General Election, Stephanie Booth – who is married to Cherie’s actor father Tony – stormed to a landslide win on the strength of postal votes.

On the night of the count she was losing the vote by 35 to 22. However, when postal votes were counted the balance had shifted handing her a decisive 95-52 win.

I had to pinch myself in order to check that my past life in the UK wasn’t a dream and that I wasn’t really living in Zimbabwe but – sure enough – it was all too horrifically real.

One more good example of why people talk of Zanu Labour.

Of course there are denials of any wrong-doing and apparently no-one’s broken any rules, but we all know what rules mean when Labour politicians are involved – step forward Hoon, Darling, McNulty and Smith…

*Warning, there’s a particularly repugnant photo of Cherie Booth halfway through the article.

An attack on Kerry McCarthy

Fuck me, this woman is bloody annoying.

She seems to typify everything that I detest about this shitty government, its grasping MPs and its repressive policies.

I first became aware of her snivelling the other day and joined in the debate and added a comment on her entry. In short, she was bemoaning her lack of privacy and her personal vulnerability not one week after her party had introduced a law that now means none of us has any privacy and we are all vulnerable to however this government chooses to use the vast tracts of data it is collecting about everyone.

It’s all about control with Kerry.

I doubt she reads back to herself what she writes.

If she did then maybe she wouldn’t like the way she comes across as some bossy school marm with jackboots and a Himmler fetish:

As Monica says in Friends, “rules are good, rules help control the fun!”

(Anyone who conducts their life in any way by what anyone in a stupid TV sitcom says can’t really expect to be taken seriously)

I don’t have a problem with trenchant criticism of me or the Government, or vociferously expressed opinions*, but if I regard your comments as offensive I won’t allow them to appear. (I don’t like having to moderate comments, but have reluctantly come to the conclusion that people cannot be relied upon not to abuse my good nature!)

*(See this again)

I might just randomly delete comments from certain people because I’m getting thoroughly fed up with them and want them to go away and annoy someone else for a while. You know who you are.

That’s all – although I reserve the right to create new rules as and when I feel like it. My blog = my rules!

So, just in case you’re in any doubt,

  • Kerry doesn’t mind you having fun as long as you follow her rules.
  • Fun needs rules to control it.
  • Those rules can change any time.
  • She invites debate but gets upset when you don’t agree with her.

In short that’s classic Labour policy, right there, made flesh.

Here’s her voting record:

  • Voted against a transparent Parliament.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.
  • Voted very strongly for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
  • Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.

In short, everything a loyal MP should do to be allowed to get their snout in the trough with all the other porcine parasites.

I don’t know why, but when I reminded her of her own voting record she didn’t publish my comment…

This is just the sort of creature whose days are numbered and will get thrown violently off the gravy train at the next General Election.

Last year she cost us just over £150 000.

Next year…

…the Job Centre’s that way, Kerry…


She’s just approved one of my comments – then again, I was very restrained.

Ah…rules…so vital for fun…

A new piglet


Haven’t we had enough of the Blair/Booth effect in British politics?

Hasn’t it fucked this country up enough already?

Well, some people don’t think so, it would seem.

Cherie Blair’s stepmother will stand for Parliament at the next general election, the Labour Party has confirmed.

Stephenie Booth was selected as the party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, at a meeting on Thursday.

I dislike her already.

Just one more strident, greedy, authoritarian Nu Labour pig  jostling to get her nose in the trough.

Here’s hoping she loses her deposit.

No, you’re not seeing double…

…and yes, this is the second time today I’ve used this photo of a much younger Tony Blair but I find it bewilderingly fascinating – like something nasty I’ve found under a rock in the garden.

I look at it and I think, ‘People voted him in as their MP two years before that photo was taken…WHY?’

Talk about shifty looking…

The words, ‘would’, ‘you’, ‘buy’, ‘a’, ‘used’, ‘car’, ‘from’, ‘this’, and ‘man’ spring to mind.

I found this entry in Wikipedia about Blair which amused me somewhat, given what’s happened since he went off making shitloads of cash for working his voice hole in public:

Once elected, Blair’s ascent was rapid and he received his first front bench appointment in 1984 as assistant Treasury spokesman. In May 1985 he appeared on BBC’s Question Time arguing that the Conservative Government’s Public Order White Paper was a threat to civil liberties. Blair demanded an inquiry into the Bank of England’s decision to rescue the collapsed Johnson Matthey Bank in October 1985.

My MP’s a lemon and I want my money back!

I see from the handy spreadsheet that the Guardian has made available that my local MP – Dr Phyllis Starkey – trousered a hair under £155 000 in expenses last year, making her #190 out of 655.

Having had some dealings with her over a local council matter a few years ago, I have to say that she’s not fucking worth it.

More fiddling by MPs

Yet another fiddling fuckwad MP has emerged from the woodwork.

This time his particular case looks even less defensible than Jacqui Smith’s second home allowance con trick.

Mr McNulty’s spokesman earlier told the Press Association that the MP was “completely compliant with all the regulations around the allowances for second homes”.

“There is absolutely nothing irregular in Tony’s situation,” he said.

As usual there’s the pathetic insistence that no rules have been broken, but the moral implications just look so fucking bad and show the cynicism and contempt with which the public is regarded.

The whole second homes allowance should be sorted out once and for all and fucking quickly too.

If only Gordon Brown was as concerned with his ministers lining their pockets as he is with Fred Goodwin’s pension…

Vote for Leila Deen!

OK…here’s a thought…

Leila Deen has very kindly on all our behalves declared that democracy does not work.

It’s official – the career activist has said so.

Thank God that ‘plucky young girl’ has ridden to our rescue!

Whatever would we all have done without her custard throwing skills?

Now, unfortunately we can’t remove all the MPs and replace them with green activists such as Ms Deen, as much as that prospect appeals (the custard fights at PM question time would be a real highlight of the new green parliament along with the pillow fights during all night sittings and bitch slappings in the lobbies) but we could have a Plane Stupid MP.

Presumably, Heathrow is not some political Bermuda Triangle so it must lie within the boundary of some parliamentary constituency.

Why doesn’t Plane Stupid field a candidate there in the next General Election?

After all, if someone can stand for the Monster Raving Loony Party why not a Plane Stupid candidate?

It seems like a no-contest to me.

They’re right and everyone else is wrong so they must win the seat, surely?

If Ms Deen is so confident of her cause, why doesn’t she stand?

Well, there’s an easy answer to that…

Because she’d fucking lose.

That’s why she doesn’t think democracy works, because she wouldn’t stand a chance operating democratically in one.

Plane Stupid?


Just Plane Useless.