One snippet of news that appeared after the Plane Stupid protest at Stansted is that the boss of Lush – a chain of shops selling ethically sourced soaps, shampoos and bath stuff – donates some of his chain’s profits and some of his own income to the direct action organisation.

That doesn’t bother me – and if I did buy any Lush products, which I don’t, it wouldn’t stop me from continuing to do so.

However, what does bother me is what he says about the recent action:

Mr Constantine said it was unfortunate that people were disrupted, and that he would not condone illegal activity.

“However, something needs to be done about climate change,” he said.

He added that as Plane Stupid “are trying to look after us, someone has to look after them”.

I don’t recall ever being asked if I needed looking after in the first place.

Do we really need any more people looking after us?

We already have an interfering, snooping, patronising nanny state and it would be great  if other people could keep their fucking noses out of people’s business until invited.