Why did it all go so fucking wrong?

I’ve recently noticed a common concern running through the blogs I read most – namely, how have we got to the stage where we seem to be wading thigh-high through what The Salted Slug calls cuntsoup?

After much thought, and discussing it with a few people, I’ve arrived at a partial answer, although my evidence isn’t empirical and has no statistics to back it up.

I can’t prove what I want to say, but I have lived through the period I’m describing and it’s how I perceive events, having gone through several political phases and all of which were to the left of center…

I’m a child of the 1950s.

Although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I had a ration card which was necessary in the years after the Second World War – up to 1954, in fact.

The world had been devastated by the war and the UK’s economy was in ruins – sound familiar?

However, gradually, we started to pull ourselves out of the shit and by the time I reached my teenage years in the mid 1960s things seemed to be going pretty well.

Now, a lot of crap’s been written about the 60s but it was surely a time of change. With increased prosperity and new freedoms people began to question the direction that certain events and processes were drawing us towards – there was the Vietnam War, civil rights, increased sexual freedom, a flowering of all sorts of creativity, greater personal prosperity and new opportunities for social mobility; all forcing people to make choices regarding their attitudes, opinions and lifestyles.

In short, people became far more proactive and they started to question the way in which their lives were being influenced by the State.

It was at the juncture, I believe, that the State started to change its method of controlling its citizens – assuming that all states actively seek some sort of control – by switching from benign and paternalistic patron to authoritarian and prescriptive master.

All because it perceived itself as being under threat, as people started to express themselves more freely, more literately and more actively.

In the US, UK and France the authorities reacted to the more extreme manifestations of this freedom is in a draconian manner which is still evident today when reacting to public demonstrations of dissatisfaction with the State – not that this was a new phenomenon, but it is now a far more frequent one.

Due to its change of role, the State now actively seeks to control pretty much every aspect of its citizens’ lives – from what they eat to how they think – and it’s how it accomplishes this which is at the root of the general malaise I identified at the beginning of this post.

Taking – as an example – this, it is increasingly clear that we live in a prohibitive society where we are told what not to do and then threatened with punishment even before what we are told not to do hits the statute books and becomes law.

Essentially, ‘if you don’t do this, then some bad things will happen to you’.

You just have to look at the proliferation of signs that shows no signs of stopping and which serves as a constant reminder that we are being controlled in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

The result of this is that we have created a nation of people many of whom don’t behave anti-socially not out of some sort of moral sense and because it’s inherently wrong, but because they’ll be punished if they persist.

Fair enough, it may be that we have so many ‘deviants’ that we have to impose harsher measures, but we’ve reached this state sooner than we might have done had successive governments not decided to be so prescriptive that people have gradually lost the ability to think for themselves.

We are all treated like potential deviants.

This is our inheritance and why we’re almost drowning in cuntsoup.

This is before you factor in what I now see to be the malign influence of a form of socialism that I once thought was ‘Socialism Lite’ but is now revealed as a ‘consumer-friendly’ but no less insidious and creeping threat to our society.

The Labour governments of the past 12 years have tried – and largely succeeded – in selling the public what is one of the biggest and cruelest lies of all – that everyone is equal and that they can be made to be equal.

As a result, we have so many minority groups all fighting for equality and their ‘fair’ share of the pie that it’s no wonder there’s a total lack of social cohesion today.

The individual is ignored and serves as the cash cow for an ever-burgeoning series of demands from various ethnic, gender, religious and cultural groups, many of which represent lifestyle choices rather than real basic needs and which are championed by organizations set up by the government and funded from taxpayers’ money, when, in the majority of cases, simple and existing laws would be just as effective and far cheaper.

It’s all a giant fucking mess and no-one that I can see has any solution; although, to be fair, there can be no quick fixes for something that’s taken over 50 years to reach this stage.

All I know is that, whatever is done, it has to involve people taking on far more responsibility for themselves and less State intrusion into our private lives.

The only political movement that seems to offer anything approaching this is Libertarianism.

Libertarians believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility, and freedom from government—on all issues at all times. We don’t say government is too big in one area, but then in another area push for a law to force people to do what we want. We believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility, and freedom from government —on all issues at all times.

It would be a Herculean task to even start turning this into reality, but do we really want another 50 years of increased State interference in people’s lives?

Indeed, could society even survive it?

When Greggs runs the economy

Today’s special offer – 2 cuntish ideas for the price of one!

Carrying on from last night’s entry – uploaded via my iPhone whilst luxuriating in black satin sheets and fed grapes and Ovaltine by voluptuous serving wenches – a few thoughts on who might have some effective solutions to many of our current problems.

Taking the ‘alcohol problem’, which seems to be rapidly becoming a fucking obsession with the BMA and other government bum monkeys, it struck me that no-one apart from Libertarian bloggers seems to see this manufactured social ‘blight’ for what it really is – an excuse to not just simply further erode our personal freedoms, but to start beating the living shit out of them to ensure a speedy demise.

I refer readers to some excellent blog entries over at Devil’s Kitchen and Dick Puddlecote that deal with this matter – both coming from a Libertarian point of view.

If you want to know what Tory and Labour bloggers think, then tough shit – no-one seems too concerned.

So, why should we really give a flying fuck about them?

Turning to another matter which never seems to leave the headlines – the perilous and extremely shitty state of the global economy – both the Tories and Labour announced ‘proposals’ yesterday.

(I have no idea what the LibDems had to say – nothing apparently. They’re probably still trying to find the toilets at Westminster.)

Call me Dave set out his car boot sale stall with some frankly very resistable items.

David Cameron has pledged to end MPs’ subsidised alcohol and food and reduce ministerial salaries if the Tories win power at the next election.

He also said the number of MPs and ministerial cars would be cut.

The Tory leader said it would amount to only a “pinprick” in overall savings needed – but politicians had to take a lead in bearing the “burden” of debt.

He also said government spending should be cut immediately, calling Labour’s plans for next year “unaffordable”.

What a tease, eh?

He had some really cheap stuff laid out but kept back the really good gear.

Why, one might almost have to wonder whether he had any other suggestions beyond the ‘pinprick’ he detailed.

Although there was this, just casually dropped into the speech.

government spending should be cut immediately



And, Dave, you cockbiscuit, cutting the number of MPs by 10% isn’t enough.

50% and you might be onto something.

Incidentally, did anyone else notice that our Dave’s starting to add a few more glottal stops and ‘gonnas’ into his speeches?

He seems to have gone all Eastenders on us…

Meanwhile, in his new show at the Cardiff Fringe Festival, Alistair ‘How the fuck have I been able to keep this kushy overpaid job when I’m such a useless streak of twatbatter?’ Darling seemed to think that we could economise our way out of the shit though efficiency savings and shifting resources around like chairs in a secondhand shop.

“What I want to see is a serious debate in this country as to where we need to spend our money, where we need to set our priorities which will define us, as a country, which will provide will provide people with jobs and opportunities for the next five or 10 years.

“That is a very important discussion to have. There will come a time when you have to spell out ‘well, this is what we’re doing, this is what we’re not doing’.

I could have cut and pasted more, but it doesn’t actually mean a fucking thing – any of it.

And, I don’t know about you, but after about two sentences from the cunt, I get to the stage where my eyes glaze over and I lose the will to live.

Or I become enraged and then seized with a burning desire to shove a red-hot spoon up my rectum.

Because, if someone’s going to cause me that much grief, I want that person to be me.

(The LibDems?…oh, them?…still looking for the Commons shithouse…)

When you reduce the current financial crisis to its effect on people going about their day to day business, thinking about things like how much money they’re left with after tax, how much of the sum remaining is going to get taken away in further taxes and what all that tax is spent on, then no-one from the major parties seems to be offering much hope.

Which is where Libertarianism comes in.

Yes, I acknowledge that within the movement there’s a very wide range of approaches to sorting out government and personal finance, but surely, when the usual suspects seem to be offering nothing that is in anyway new or radical, a different approach is at least worth exploring?

The Libertarian Party (LPUK) manifesto’s first point on the Economy is this:

Personal Income Tax to be abolished in second financial year of a Libertarian government.

If you follow the link in the quote, it explains the proposal further and details a way out of the demoralising and stifling cluster fuck of continual tax hikes and increasing welfare dependency.

Isn’t that worth at least considering?

Or do we want the same old tired ideas trotted out as we sink deeper and deeper into personal and national debt?

Perhaps if we avoided the poverty of ideas that were set out yesterday, like so many unappetising half-baked sausage rolls in a Greggs window display, then perhaps we could avoid poverty itself.

The only way to keep on drinking

Having had a good look at bloggers’ reactions to the recent draconian and repressive proposals from the BMA to reduce perceived high alcohol consumption in this country, I know one thing for sure.

Only the Libertarian bloggers seem to acknowledge this creep towards prohibition.

Maybe they have some good ideas about other things, too…

More on this tomorrow.

Is the problem with Libertarianism some of the Libertarians themselves?

As readers of this blog may have noticed, I’m gradually moving towards espousing Libertarianism.

Many of the fundamental principles of this ‘third’ way appear to be very much in line with what I’ve looked for in other parties before but never found.

However, I’m having a real problem with Libertarians.

Not the whole crew, but a significant number who appear to be so far to the right and so vehement in their attacks on people with whom they disagree or dislike that I’m starting to wonder if I’m heading in the right political direction.

Libertarianism seems to be a broad ‘church’ and has left and right wing parameters like many political movements, but I’m not too happy with some of the extreme views I’m hearing from the right.

I really like Boatang and Demetriou’s blog . Go and check it out. It has impeccable Libertarian credentials.

Whilst it attacks sacred cows of every political hue fiercely and with language that is often more colourful than mine (yes, fuck me, really), it never descends to a personal level. It reasons forcefully but never hectors. It wants change, but always in a constructive manner.

Yes, someone might get called a ‘motherfucking cunt’ but never a ‘fat motherfucking cunt’ and although B&D are passionate about the causes they promote, I’ve never heard them wish physical pain and/or death on anyone they disagree with.

From that, then, you’ll have worked out what I’m finding hard to stomach about some Libertarian blogs – and which is becoming more apparent as, day after day, our troughing MPs are revealed as the corrupt shower of shits that many of us always thought they were but could rarely prove.

Yes, I’d like those the troughers sorted out and I’ve written how I’d like to see it done here.

Yes, our political system stinks. It’s not working for the benefit of the average law-abiding, tax-paying citizen and it’s allowing us to be robbed blind to pay for the shortcomings of others.

Yes, there’s total disregard for privacy and personal freedom and our views and opinions are disregarded by a political class that has zero accountability.

Yes, I’ve made jokes about stringing a few of the porcine buggers up, but I’d never do it and neither do I want to see it happen.

However, there seems to be a veritable deluge of bile and sheer naked hatred when comments are made on certain blogs.

Perhaps the people who comment are joking – although it doesn’t seem to be terribly amusing – and just venting.

However, I’m not always sure, as such comments are often made with such relish and glee.

Fair enough, some people might want our politicians dragged out of bed and lynched, but if that’s Libertarianism then, no thanks, I’d rather take the BN-fucking-P, as at least you’d get a fucking show trial.

I’ve also just read an extremely homophobic comment on a Libertarian blog that I frequent in which a well-known and heterosexual transvestite comedian who has come out in support of Labour has had all sorts of really very unpleasant homosexual abuse wished on him.

I’m pretty fucking broadminded and it’s hard to come up with much that really repulses me, but whoever made these comments came very close.

Yes, I’ve wished some buttfucking on a few people, but only when I thought they deserved it because of what they did, not what they were.

Big difference.

I don’t want some sort of moderate, vanilla debate.

However, I certainly don’t want immoderate opinions that seek to replace injustice with some sort of half-assed mob rule and kangaroo courts held before the ‘guilty’ are dragged off to the guillotine.

Maybe I’m reading too much into the words of some of the less moderate bloggers and the people who comment on their writing, so perhaps anyone reading this could put me straight.

I await enlightenment…

More Libertarian self-exploration

I’ve just taken this quiz and I’ve scored as a Libertarian.


One of my personal heroes, Frank Zappa, seems to have been a Libertarian in all but name, too.

I guess I’d better start taking this all a bit more seriously, now that an election isn’t very far away…

Flirting with Libertarianism

Well, I’ve looked at a lot of comment over the past month or so and I have to say that I’m becoming interested in Libertarianism.

I like the way it seeks to restore freedom to the individual but also involves a strong sense of personal responsibility.

It also transcends tri-partite politics which are, in my opinion, dying – if not dead already.

I also see it as offering credible solutions to a deepening economic crisis with its proposed abolition of personal income tax.

Sure, there are several aspects I still have problems with, but I’ve never found 100% satisfaction in any political party so far.

The main problem I have with Libertarianism at the moment is not the movement’s fault – it’s the closet Tories who are hijacking it.