An important question…

…well, to me at least.

Why would a well-known Libertarian blog have ‘Iain Dale’s Diary’ listed under ‘Free Thinkers’?

I don’t think I’ve read so many blinkered Toryphiliac posts in one place.

Acid test – ID still thinks Nadine Dorries is sane.


UPDATE – 27-05-09

Dale is now posting in defence of Ann Kirkbride.

Which prompts me to ask – how long now before Dale himself becomes an embarrassment to the Tory party?

Besides, describing Kirkbride as as a ‘young woman’ is justification enough to make you query Dale’s powers of observation – particularly regarding the female form.

(Not that he’s an expert in such matters…)

She’s actually 2 years older than him.

Ah…maybe that’s Dale just trying stay youthful.