Lewis Black’s words of wisdom

Many thanks to this blog for the following Lewis Black article.

Black puts my view of British politics better than I ever could.

Just replace the references to presidential candidates and the US parties with the appropriate British names and terms and this is my view in a nutshell.

Here goes:

A good portion of Black’s political material seems to be aimed at exposing both the comedy and tragedy of staunch conservatism, as well as disbelief at the mystifying combination of thick-headedness and condescending attitude in authority figures.

Black seems just as disenchanted with Democrats as Republicans. He is quoted as saying: “You elected Bush, so that’s who I’m going to rant about. If you elect Kerry, I’m going to rant about him too. My problem is with…authority!”

He decided that the best way to find the next president is to “throw a dart at a map of the United States, go into the jungle, find a monkey, take it on a plane, parachute it out to the location the dart hit, and whoever the first person the monkey touches, that is the new president.”

He is also quoted as saying “what is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? A Democrat blows, and a Republican sucks” and “the only thing dumber than a Democrat or a Republican is when these two pricks work together.”

He has also stated that the way in which bipartisanship works is that “A Republican stands up and says, ‘I got a really bad idea!’ and then a Democrat stands up and says, ‘…and I can make it shittier!'”

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