Fucking Leila Deen again

Oh FFS…why are they giving Leila fucking Deen column inches at the Guardian?

I’m going to puke soon…’vegan cake’…’social activist’…’revolutionary change’…’popular power’…

I’m totally fucking sick of being preached at by middle class twats trying to champion the working classes and ‘reclaim the streets’ as if it’s some sort of charitable secondment between taking their masters and their doctorate or some sort of bizarre first grown up holiday away from mummy and daddy.

Fuck ’em all – the only reason they’ve got what they’ve got today is because of the very system they despise.

All this, of course, on the eve of the G20 summit and the planned antics of Climate Camp, G20 Meltdown and others.

I sincerely hope it all goes off peacefully tomorrow and that the police, as well as the demonstraters, behave sensibly.

Thank fuck I don’t have to go anywhere near London tomorrow.

Stupid cults

Once again the Mail tries to keep pace with this blog by running another Leila Deen story.

Once again the Mail and its readers seem to embrace the type of person they’d normally run a fucking mile from – especially if Ms Deen parked her middle-class arse in front of any plane that was due to take them on their holiday.

However, the paper that normally leaves the typos up to the Grauniad has made a major cock up by describing Ms Deen as  ‘a cult hero’…

And who’s this Liz Jones hack?

And why does she think that throwing green custard at Mandelson is clever?

Does she want to be ‘a cult hero’ too?

So many questions…so many cunts…

Vote for Leila Deen!

OK…here’s a thought…

Leila Deen has very kindly on all our behalves declared that democracy does not work.

It’s official – the career activist has said so.

Thank God that ‘plucky young girl’ has ridden to our rescue!

Whatever would we all have done without her custard throwing skills?

Now, unfortunately we can’t remove all the MPs and replace them with green activists such as Ms Deen, as much as that prospect appeals (the custard fights at PM question time would be a real highlight of the new green parliament along with the pillow fights during all night sittings and bitch slappings in the lobbies) but we could have a Plane Stupid MP.

Presumably, Heathrow is not some political Bermuda Triangle so it must lie within the boundary of some parliamentary constituency.

Why doesn’t Plane Stupid field a candidate there in the next General Election?

After all, if someone can stand for the Monster Raving Loony Party why not a Plane Stupid candidate?

It seems like a no-contest to me.

They’re right and everyone else is wrong so they must win the seat, surely?

If Ms Deen is so confident of her cause, why doesn’t she stand?

Well, there’s an easy answer to that…

Because she’d fucking lose.

That’s why she doesn’t think democracy works, because she wouldn’t stand a chance operating democratically in one.

Plane Stupid?


Just Plane Useless.

The Mail and Leila Deen

The Mail’s reporting of the Leila Deen/Peter Madelson custard incident is amazing.

They seem to have taken the plane stupid bitch under their wing (geddit?) in their rush to report Mandelson’s embarrassment – nice photos of the career activist with a flask of green custard and lots of snappy quotes.

However, they’ve shot themselves in the foot rather because although they state she’s been involved in direct action they don’t seem to have twigged that she’s been up to these little tricks for several years now as a professional activist.

In fact, she’s just the sort of person they normally love to hate.

The Mail was even suckered in to describing her as a ‘charity worker’, which is just bollocks.

Inevitable I suppose, given the level of background research the average Mail hack seems to aspire to.

Of course, the comments from readers are the usual mix of middle class mutual masturbation spiced up with some real viciousness.

Here’s a good one that’s only just this side of literate – of course, as it was Mandelson the normally law-abiding Mail reader is quite entitled to become a little more frisky and extrovert:

Shame is was only custard!!! That lying corrupt coward need’s far worse thrown over him.

– K. Walsh-Johnson, Cheshire, UK,






Why is he a coward?

I don’t know about you, but I’d be scared shitless if someone threw an unknown substance over me.

However, perhaps K Walsh-Johnson of Cheshire is made of sterner stuff than myself or Peter Mandelson even though he or she can’t write for shit…

Then there’s the appeal such a story has to the more mature Mail reader:

All that green gung, he he
It was like a scene off Tiswas. What a shot…Chris Tarrant and Sally James would have been proud of her.

– Alan, Warrington.,

What the fuck is ‘gung’?

But comments such as this didn’t go down well with the normally law-abiding Mail readers:

Pathetic protest from this childish group of posh hypocrites. Sympathies to Mandy and I hope he presses charges.

Fucking hypocrites.

Leila Deen, fuck off

I’d just like to put a couple of facts straight and scatter a few more opinions about with regard to our new national heroine, Leila ‘democracy has failed us but never fear because I’m here to tell you all what to think now’ Deen.

First of all, she’s not some ‘young girl’ as one idiotic blogger called her, she’s twenty-fucking-nine.

(The same idiotic blogger also called her ‘plucky’ – that’s not plucky, that’s just downright fucking nasty.)

Secondly, she’s not just an individual acting alone, she’s a career activist involved with the World Development Movement and Plane Stupid.

Mandelson was not ‘surprised’ at the green custard attack, I’m guessing, but scared absolutely shitless.

Before anyone comments that he deserved it then I suggest you put yourself in his place, as an ex Northern Ireland Secretary.

It could have been paint remover for all he knew and if you think that’s acceptable, either in reality or suggested as some sort of stunt then, frankly, fuck you and the palsied agitprop nag you crawled in on.

I’m just sorry it wasn’t John Prescott she attacked.

Maybe he’d have hung one on her.

A couple even.

On balance, I think I will continue to take my chance with democracy which seems to offer a more peaceful approach (apart from kicking a few deserving arses!) to solving the world’s problems and totally reject direct action which seems to be instituted by arseholes who are convinced that only they are right and so fuck the rest of us.

Leila Deen – please get in MY way!

Story of the past week has to be Peter Mandelson’s baptism in green custard by Leila Deen.

Yes, more direct action bollocks.

People such as Ms Deen frighten me – especially when she comes out with shit like this:

“Democracy has failed us.

“It’s direct action and direct action historically has been a major way that we have got change. You can look back historically through the suffragettes, through the miner strikes, through all of the major changes. It’s about putting yourself in the way.”

Got that?

She – whoever the self-appointed fuck she is – says democracy has failed.

The suffragettes had absolutely no alternative as they didn’t even have the right to vote – Ms Deen does, although she seems to not recognise the value of what her heroines fought so hard to win for women.

As for the miners, I was an ardent supporter but I can’t really say direct action achieved much when you look at the results today.

Incidentally, Ms Deen seems to forget that she once supported direct action against power stations run on coal.

Now there’s a lack of joined up thinking…

It (whatever the fuck ‘it’ is) all about putting yourself in the way, says our middle-class champion of  the environment.

Fair enough, Ms Deen, put yourself in the way of my petrol-guzzling Fiesta and I’ll be glad to run you the fuck over.

Fascist cunt.



Amazingly, she’s made me feel sorry for Mandelson – and I’d have thought that nothing or nobody could have ever made me feel that way.