Scottish quiz night madness

I’m not going to write an in-depth examination of the new laws passed in Scotland to try and reduce alcohol consumption or even argue against all of them.

All I’ll say is that all you non-smokers who like a drink down your local and who rejoiced when the smoking ban came in had better start realizing that that was but the thin end of a very thick wedge…

If you want to know all about the situation in Scotland and more then Dick Puddlecote and Rantin’ Rab have both blogged very eloquently on the subject.

However, one of the measures really caught my eye for which I can see no valid reason and which just flies in the face of all common sense and logic:

A prize of “cash behind the bar” can no longer be given as a reward for winning a pub quiz

Now, I think pub quizzes are a good thing.

Maybe not every night in every pub, but they help to take a boozer from being simply just a place to booze in to a different purpose in the local community once in a while.

And why the cunting fuck not?

They’re maybe not for everyone – I tried one once but it wasn’t for me – but they’re a lot better for a night out than just watching people drink, if that’s what floats your boat.

So, what’s wrong with a cash prize?

Maybe £30 shared between 4 people after a couple of hours of questions?

That’s not enough money to get bladdered on afterwards when split 3 or 4 ways and it’s not as if you’re going to get Stella-swigging chavs pissing it up the wall afterwards – chavs aren’t usually known for participating in such events.

I’m guessing most pub quiz winners just take part for the craic and then any dosh won just defrays the cost of a few drinks quaffed during the quiz itself.

No, all I can think of is that the lawmakers have decided that if there is cash to be won in a pub then people are going to spend it on booze.

Well, so fucking what?

Who the fuck are they to tell people what they can win and how they should spend their money?

Where does all this stop?

How many more bars and clubs have got to close as more and more people decide to stay at home and choose what and how much to drink – and smoke – because it’s just no fucking fun going out any more?

So many questions and this isn’t even a fucking quiz night.

All we can hope is that what’s happening in Scotland won’t happen here.

I wouldn’t bet on it, though.