Glenys Kinnock? WTF?

From the BBC News site:

Glenys Kinnock is to join the government as Minister for Europe in a surprise appointment.

The wife of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock is to be elevated to the House of Lords to enable her to take on the role vacated by Caroline Flint.

Ms Flint resigned from the cabinet on Friday as part of wide-ranging reshuffle carried out by Gordon Brown.

Mr Brown said Mrs Kinnock, who has been a MEP for 15 years, would be a valuable addition to his ministerial team.

Why not go the whole hog, raid a few cemetries at midnight and populate the Cabinet with STIFFS?

You’d never know the fucking difference.

PS – Does this mean that she’ll be getting an MEP’s pay and allowances, a Lords’ allowance and Cabinet post pay?

Fuck me – it’s an early Xmas for the Kinnocks…