If you have Blears, prepare to shed her now…

The daily writhings, wranglings, backstabbings and calamities of our government are starting to resemble some sort of low rent political version of ‘Dallas’.

Even more so this weekend with pronouncements from its very own ‘Poison Dwarf’, Hazel Blears.

I have little time for the woman with her faux-cheeky Northern lassie image backed up with all the flair and acumen of a dead whippet.

I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her – but I wouldn’t pass up the chance to prove myself wrong if a deep nettle patch was handy.

Basically, she’s taken a pop at Gordon Brown:

Labour ministers have a collective responsibility for the government’s lamentable failure to get our message across

(Of which she is one.)

Of course, she’s since denied that this was any sort of attack on Gordon Brown’s recent and deeply disturbing You Tube appearence, saying:

Any suggestion that I intended what I wrote as criticism of him or his leadership is completely wrong.

I fully support the collective decisions we take as a government.

Now Prescott and Johnson have waded in to limit the damage, although it’s hard to imagine who’d find what they say convincing.

Nu Labour doesn’t just look sick, it looks terminallly ill.

Leila Deen, fuck off

I’d just like to put a couple of facts straight and scatter a few more opinions about with regard to our new national heroine, Leila ‘democracy has failed us but never fear because I’m here to tell you all what to think now’ Deen.

First of all, she’s not some ‘young girl’ as one idiotic blogger called her, she’s twenty-fucking-nine.

(The same idiotic blogger also called her ‘plucky’ – that’s not plucky, that’s just downright fucking nasty.)

Secondly, she’s not just an individual acting alone, she’s a career activist involved with the World Development Movement and Plane Stupid.

Mandelson was not ‘surprised’ at the green custard attack, I’m guessing, but scared absolutely shitless.

Before anyone comments that he deserved it then I suggest you put yourself in his place, as an ex Northern Ireland Secretary.

It could have been paint remover for all he knew and if you think that’s acceptable, either in reality or suggested as some sort of stunt then, frankly, fuck you and the palsied agitprop nag you crawled in on.

I’m just sorry it wasn’t John Prescott she attacked.

Maybe he’d have hung one on her.

A couple even.

On balance, I think I will continue to take my chance with democracy which seems to offer a more peaceful approach (apart from kicking a few deserving arses!) to solving the world’s problems and totally reject direct action which seems to be instituted by arseholes who are convinced that only they are right and so fuck the rest of us.