Not so fast with that noose!

At times over the last few months it’s been difficult to peer through the sickly red mist that’s descended whenever I’ve read something about the incredible cupidity of our troughing MPs.

Wank films, duck houses, moat-cleaning, plasma TVs, etc, etc – we’ve been steadily bombarded with details of these and many other items that we, the taxpayers, have paid for.

Now, it seems to be payback time, although when you hear about someone like Jacqui Smith you begin to wonder how seriously widespread public anger and unrest are being taken.

So does Sir Thomas Legg who heads up the team auditing MPs’ expenses claims and clawing back overpayments and the like.

Well done, Sir Thomas!

But is it?

Playing devil’s advocate here, is this statement from Legg really how we want rules and regulations – not to mention laws – applied in a just and fair society?

…Sir Thomas said that he could find nothing in the existing rules setting out the maximum allowable for other large expenses, including cleaning and gardening. Therefore, he believed that limits must be imposed retrospectively.

“Some limits must be regarded as having been in place to prevent disproportionate and unnecessary expenditure from the public purse,” he said.

What do we stand to gain from more – retrospective payments obtained from rewritten and reinterpreted regulations to satisfy a public hunger for revenge or a total revamping of the conditions under which MPs represent the people who vote them into their jobs?

Yes, they took the piss – and I’ve been as vociferous as most people in my condemnation of their greed and corruption – but do we really want to employ a mechanism whereby people can be retrospectively held to account for their misdemeanours after the rules have been changed?

I sure as fuck don’t.

Punish the cunts to the fullest extent of the law and claw back every fucking red cent from the felching shitweasels but then press for Parliament for legislation to ensure full accountability of MPs in all aspects of their job.

It’s the only way to avoid this happening again a few years down the line – if our rewritten laws will allow us to do anything about it by then…

The alternative just opens up possibilities that hardly bear thinking about.

Yesterday’s Trafigura/Carter Ruck/Guardian debacle showed how the application of laws can be hidden from scrutiny – do we really want our laws to be arbitrarily changed as well?

Maggot wriggles off hook

My heart fucking bleeds for the troughing cunt

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been told to apologise in the House of Commons for breaching expenses rules.

Not content with ripping off the taxpayer, with the only ‘punishment’ for this a semi-public apology, this fucking trougher is still trotting out the same old tired fucking shit that she and her fellow sty members  have consistently used to justify their greed.

In a written response to the inquiry Ms Smith said: “I am disappointed that this process has not led to a fairer set of conclusions, based on objective and consistent application of the rules as they were at the time.”

She said the report, “appears to be heavily influenced by subjective judgements about my personal circumstances”.

No shame, no humility, no acknowledgment that she, along with the rest of the troughing cunts, fucked the taxpayer over for every last penny that she could screw us for.

We even paid for her husband’s wank films…

I urge everyone, don’t let this shit get buried.

Remember it – if you blog, blog it – just don’t let these cunts wriggle off the hook.

If we let these cockdrips get away with it, they’ll just buttfuck us all again.

Giant chickens and the stains on Jacqui Smith’s sofa

Fucking hell.

It must be a bit slow in the Telegraph news room lately if they have to come up with stuff  like this.

Suggested owners of the ‘mystery’ hand range from an alien living in Finland, a giant chicken and one of the members of Finnish metuhl band Lordi.

What a load of cuntwaffle.

It’s as plain as the jizz stains on Jacqui Smith’s sofa who it belongs to.*

Jeremy Cunting Beadle.

The picture above is all the proof one needs…

*Yes, I know it should be ‘to whom it belongs’ but do you want a blog entry or a fucking grammar lesson?

Why the BNP should go to the party

Griffin – he likes a pie…

Even though the BNP is an odious organisation, its leadership is composed largely of convicted criminals and its supporters are – and I’m being kind here – morons, its GLA member, Richard Barnbrook, should be allowed to take the BNP’s leader, Nick Griffin, to the Buck House garden party as his chosen guest.

To oppose this is short-sighted and counter-productive, leaving aside all considerations of free speech.

As I understand it, the invitation to Barnbrook was as a result of his elected membership of the London Assembly, and it should have been no real surprise to anyone that he sought to make what largely imagined political capital he could out of it by inviting Griffin as his guest.

It seems now, however, that Barnbrook will have to invite ‘a more acceptable guest’.

However, consider for a moment what might happen if Griffin did go to Brenda’s bash.

He’d attend, the BNP would then report that their leader went to tea with the Queen and…er, that’s it.

It’s not as if the Queen issues the invitations herself and specifically asked for a couple of BNP chaps to pop along for tea and a cucumber sandwich.

It’s not a photo opportunity where Griffin could be snapped clutching a can of Stella with his arm around Liz’s shoulder looking all matey.

There’s no way, I’m sure, that Griffin and Barnbrook could exercise any control over events there and do something drastic like make a speech calling for racial purity.

In short, if the pair did anything that caused any concern, disturbance or the teensiest-weensiest embarrassment then they’d be pounced on by security quicker than Prezza leaping on a cream cake and ejected pretty fucking smartish.

The alternative – and it looks very much as if it’s the reality of the situation now – is to exclude Griffin and thus allow the BNP to rant, piss and moan about discrimination, bias, exclusion and prejudice…the very things we more enlightened people (rightly) accuse them of.

It’s playing into their hands and it’s very similar to what happened when Jacqui Smith banned Michael Savage from entering the UK. If she’d have shut the fuck up about him then the vast majority of the UK population would have got on with life perfectly well whilst remaining ignorant of his very existence.

It was a prime example of how to make a situation that was never really bad to start with as shitty as possible and achieve the opposite to what you intended.

Similarly with this BNP invitation fiasco.

Let the two twats attend, then let the BNP report that their glorious leader went to a Buckingham Palace tea party, and then forget about it.

There was never any implied support for the BNP from anyone drawing up a guest list or issuing invitations and it would be very hard for even the BNP to twist events to infer that there was.

Instead, what we have is a lot of frothing from people too fucking stupid to see any further than their own sense of outrage like good old Boris Johnson who is anxious to avoid:

potential embarrassment to Her Majesty

All such statements do is draw attention to the BNP and provide it with ammunition to further its aims.

Another own goal, I’m afraid.

Michael Savage may well be a cunt…*

…but he certainly wasn’t a martyr until now

*I’d never even heard of him before Jacqui Smith decided that I shouldn’t.

I was wrong about Jacqui Smith

Many thanks to Old Holborn for directing me to this.

Jacqui Smith has refused to give her cleaner a pay-rise for five years

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, has paid her cleaner the same amount every year since 2004, according to leaked expenses claims.

In that year, she earned £95,000 as Minister for Women and currently earns nearly £142,000. She also employs her husband, Richard Timney, who hit the headlines earlier this month after it emerged her expenses claim had included £10 for two adult films he had watched at her home, as a parliamentary adviser.

However, the cleaner at her ‘second home’ in Redditch, Worcestershire, has been paid £2,400 a year – or about £46.15 a week – without a pay rise for five years. The national average wage has risen by 14.5% over this time.

A spokesman for Miss Smith said: “She has no intention of providing further comment on leaked expense documents.”

Yes, I was wrong about Jacqui Smith.

She’s not a cunt.

She’s a mean cunt.

Is there anybody left who doesn’t think that…

…Jacqui Smith is a cunt?

If you think Jacqui Smith is a cunt – and lots of us do – you may find this interesting…

By the way, in case I didn’t make myself clear:

Jacqui Smith is a cunt.

What a terrible week!

Ouch – me Chalfonts!

But not for me…s’been OK, ta.

I don’t think that Gordon Brown can say the same though:

  • ‘Terror swoops’ that have probably netted nothing but a few Pakistanis with dodgy visas.
  • Bob Quick’s resignation
  • Harriet Harman’s success in raising the profile of the BNP
  • The gradual emergence of evidence that points to fatal flaws in the way we investigate complaints against the Police
  • Smear campaigns being hatched inside the very walls of No 10
  • More ineffectual and hubris-riddled replies from the Two Homes Secretary to critics of her expense claims
  • Overpayments to the tune of hundreds of millions of GBP to the Irish government for healthcare
  • A revolt by the NUT over SATs
  • Painful haemorrhoids*

The above list is just a selection of some of the more problematic incidents which have all conspired to fuck up the week for Gordon.

Fuck knows who’s going to be leading us after the next General Election – I don’t trust more than a handful of the shonky shitweasels we have as politicians – but I don’t think it’s going to be Gordon…

*I made that one up.

Jacqui Smith – unrepentent

John Humphrys grills Jacqui Smith quite effectively here.

Scroll just over halfway down the page to 8.22 and click on the media player on the right.

Unrepentent doesn’t begin to describe Smith’s attitude.

After buttfucking the taxpayer, Jacqui Smith’s second most annoying habit…

Not wishing to nitpick, but just exactly what has Jacqui Smith got against the letter ‘t’?

Unless it’s at the beginning of a word she seems to ignore its existence…

She doesn’t write like it, I’m sure, so why talk like it?