Frankie Boyle – the Mail hates him

I’ve probably laughed more at Frankie Boyle than any other comedian in 2008, although Russell Brand’s new series of Ponderland had its moments.

Anyway, here’s Frankie’s best ever moment in ‘Mock the Week’:

(pretending to be a waiter taking an order in a restaurant)

Yeah, there’s a vegetarian option…You can FUCK OFF.

Squeaking in a close second (probably because it really pissed off the Daily Mail) is his joke about the Queen:

(pretending to be Brenda)

I have had a few medical issues this year I’m now so old that my pussy is haunted.

It was broadcast at the height of the Ross/Brand fiasco and did the Mail ever have a major bug up its ass over it:

While fury against the BBC over Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross was at its peak, the corporation brazenly aired a highly offensive remark about the Queen.

During the comedy show Mock The Week on Wednesday evening, Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle made a ‘disgracefully foul’ so-called joke.

Sometimes I think that the Mail might have a mole writing for it.

I mean, how can you take this quote from the Boyle story the tiniest bit seriously?

The Daily Mail has uncovered further examples of bad language and degrading remarks given airtime by the corporation.


WTF does that mean?

Is that ‘uncovered’ as in ‘I watched ‘Top Gear’ and ‘uncovered’ the word ‘cock’ even though it was so cunningly concealed’?’

It makes it sound as if this is cutting edge, investigative, undercover journalism – not some lazy, pissed-up, overpaid, illiterate, self-aggrandising  hack regurgitating what he’s heard during his 3 hour lunch break in the pub over his 6th pint of beer…