Fair stood the wind for France…

Off to warmer and sunnier climes for a while.

If you’re thinking of burgling my house, my son is house-sitting and he’s a bigger cunt than I am – with several martial arts trophies.

He’ll be all to willing to rip off your head and stick it up your arsehole.

Toodle pip!

Roll on August…

Holiday now booked.

We had a few days away in the Mayenne region of France a couple of months ago to suss out the area. We liked it very much so we’ve got another week down there to see if it’s where we want to buy.

I have no idea what phase of ‘the Plan’ we’re at, but the back of our house is now all spruced up with everything painted and pointed with a view to selling later this year.

Last lap

I have a full day ahead of me.

The school I teach guitar at has asked me to play bass for their production of Lionel Bart’s ‘Oliver’.

I have the score and now I have to work out all the bass lines and then write them out on readable sheets I can use for the rehearsals and the three performances.

But that’s it for teaching this term.

Thursday night at about 9 o’ clock will see me on holiday for three weeks and I can’t wait…