Music for Rottweilers

I haven’t met many Scandinavians, but every one I’ve had anything to do with I’ve really liked.

Maybe I’m lucky, eh?

Music-wise, mention Scandinavia – and more specifically Sweden – and everyone will say ‘Abba’, but as great as Abba were, there’s a lot more to Swedish music than them.

I’d like to acquaint you with Hoven Droven – pronounced ‘hooven drooven’.

The name means ‘helter skelter’ or ‘whatever’ (!) and they’re a 5 piece band – guitar, bass, drums, sax and fiddle – who play very heavy rock versions of Swedish folk tunes.

OK, that might not sound too promising, but they can take a pretty melody and then turn it into something that ought to be muzzled in case it rips your fucking face flesh off.

They have an almost manic quality at times which is best experienced via their ‘Jumping at the Cedar’ double album, recorded live in the US where they have a large fan base.

‘Grov’ is a pretty good album too, but it’s a studio recording and lacks the raw edge that they get live.

If I’m in the right mood, I can crank a track like Slentbjenn up to ‘blood seeping out of ears’ volume and think it’s the best music in the whole world everit really is that fucking good.

More buried Scandinavian treasure to come in later blog entries but, in the mean time, the above-mentioned Slentbjenn live on video – give it time to warm up as it really only takes off at about 1m35 in.

Oh, and mind your face flesh…you want to stay pretty, don’t you?

PS – crank the volume right the FUCK up.