In support of Nadine Dorries

(I wonder if we paid for that TV?)

Mad Nad may be spectacularly stupid on occasion – ‘Tridents (sic) are not weapons of mass destruction’ and, as an ex-nurse, can’t appreciate that an anaesthetised foetus is a direct consequence of the woman carrying it being anaesthetised – and her views on the current MPs’ expenses scandal and its exposure in the Telegraph may be widely unpopular – except with some people like Iain Dale who still refuse to acknowledge what an irrelevance she is to any form of politics – but I have to decry the heavy-handed antics of the Bollock Brothers Barclay Brothers in getting her blog taken down.

Fortunately, even God himself can’t fuck about with Google’s cache, so here’s a link to what she wrote in it.

The fragrant Nadine may be totally radio rental, but she has a perfect right to express herself how she sees fit and be heard and it’s a real shame that the Torygraph chose to adopt this course of action, seeing as Nad had already provided herself with enough rope to hang herself along with every other troughing MP.

Suppressing free speech like this isn’t what I thought exposing the pigs in Parliament was all about.

Quite the reverse in fact.

So, an own goal by the Barclays and the Telegraph and some sympathy for Dorries.

A bit shit, on balance…

Street View rage

Well, it had to happen…

Yes, Google Street View rage has arrived in Milton Keynes.

I don’t know how much’outsiders’ know about MK as it’s known, but it’s quite a large place and has grown to take in several towns and villages as it’s expanded.

One of those villages is Broughton and because one whining shithead living there is worried that their ‘affluent’ village is now going to get burgled more times than Paris Hilton’s snatch, a mass petition to remove the whole village from Street View is now planned.

Let’s hope they’re as enthusiastic when it comes to voicing their disagreement with national ID cards.

Incidentally, we have 3 villages in the boundaries of MK that look as if their names should sound very similar:

Broughton, Woughton and Loughton.

But not so.

Broughton – Brought-on.

Woughton – Woof-ton.

Loughton – Low (as in ‘allow’) – ton