Harriet No-mates

It looks as if people are starting to distance themselves from Gauleiter Harman as quickly as you would from an elephant with projectile diarrhoea…

Yes, the Sir Fred Goodwin pension story still reverberates through the various news media as people respond to Harman’s statement yesterday that:

“The prime minister has said that it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted.  And it might be enforceable in a court of law, this contract, but it is not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that is where the government steps in.”

As I blogged yesterday, if there is some sort of move to introduce a law that will retrospectively scupper Sir Fred’s contract then we’re on a very slippery slope indeed.

However, according to the BBC, Gordon Brown himself has stated that:

lawyers were looking at details of the deal

but that he

did not repeat Harriet Harman’s suggestion a new law could be passed to stop Sir Fred getting it.

It seems as if fellow cabinet members aren’t too keen on rallying round ‘Typhoid’ Harman, either:

Jacqui Smith was asked on Sky News whether the cabinet agreed on the need to pass a law to retrospectively claw the money back from Sir Fred.

She said: “There is complete cabinet agreement that there can not be rewards for failure in the banking system or any other part of the business system.”

And she added: “I think we all know what we think Fred Goodwin should do in these circumstances – I suspect he knows as well, I hope he does it.”

Even Lib Dem leader Vince Cable waded in – but he always seems to have something to say, doesn’t he?

“I really don’t know whether she’s thought this thing through at all,” he said.

“Either the government will just have to lump it or do what I think is probably more appropriate which is simply to not pay and leave him to challenge it.”

A novel approach, I suppose…basically do fuck all and see what happens.

It has a strange appeal.

The Tories have been strangely quiet, although I’d bet good money that they see the whole affair as being a good source of rope for somebody to hang themselves with.

After all, at the end of the day, the whole Sir Fred Goodman scandal is of the government’s making – if they’d been on top of things in the first place then the incompetent RBS boss could have been out on his arse with a £20 000 a year pension.

To be frank, fuck Sir Fred and his pension – let’s nail the negligent cocksucker who was incompetent enough to allow him to get away with it in the first place.

What people seem to be refusing to touch with a 10 foot pole is Harman’s suggestion that if the government fucks up then all it has to do is get its MPs to vote for a law to rectify its mistakes.

We seem to be living in a political and financial climate where accountability seems to be in desperately short supply and it’s getting scarcer.

What Harman is suggesting is going to make any governmental accountability that is left disappear completely and forever.

And there won’t be a fucking thing we can do about it – even in ‘the court of public opinion’…