More Mail fuckwittery

Winter’s coming back tomorrow – the Mail says so.

Old folk are going to die by the billion, birds will freeze midflight and cause planes to crash as they rain past them and get sucked into their engines, gay people will steal all your children and sell them for smack, socialists will move in next door, venereal disease will eat your face off,  prostitutes will throw cheese at you and house prices will plummet.

And it’s all Sir Fred Goodwin’s fault!

Hot news – Ross doesn’t say ‘fuck’ on TV

Once again the Mail plumbs new depths of inanity and self-righteousness.

Yes, it’s now scourging itself and its barely-literate readership into an orgasmic frenzy over what WASN’T broadcast in Jonathan Ross’ first TV show after his 12 week suspension.

Is it just me, or is this not the stuff of comedy?

Or is it yet more cluster fuck journalism from Dacre and his chums?

Maybe it’s both…

Late addition:

Here’s a comment from one of the Mail’s readers:

I’m proud to say I didn’t switch on! The thought of smug Ross and even smugger Stephen Fry cuddling up was too revolting to contemplate! Lee Evans and Tom Cruise as star guests??? How about people like Orson Wells and Bob Hope, now they were stars. Today we have pygmies!